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The Spring Festival teaches you small folk remedies for acne in your daily life

The Spring Festival teaches you small folk remedies for acne in your daily life! Spring Festival big fish and meat, drinking and staying up late can easily cause acne. How can we quickly eliminate acne? Have a smooth and flawless face? It is recommended that folk acne remedies be used to suppress acne during the Spring Festival!

Can you eliminate acne by dressing your face with raw potato slices? yes

Potato is a very mild plant. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that potatoes have the effects of anti-inflammatory, promoting blood circulation and detumescence, and contribute to the improvement of acne. After dressing your face, you will find that white powder remains on your face. This is dried starch, which can help to absorb the oil in your pores. In addition, potatoes are rich in vitamin B, which also helps to improve excessive oil.

Can washing your face with white vinegar improve acne? no!

White vinegar is a natural disinfectant that can kill bacteria, but unfortunately, although edible white vinegar has some anti microbial effects, its effect as a disinfectant is very weak. Much weaker than commonly used household disinfectants. And although white vinegar can inhibit bacteria, it can not help inhibit the occurrence of acne. Some people think that white vinegar should clean pores, but using white vinegar on the face will cause irritation to the skin.

Can wiping your face with ginger slices improve acne and acne marks?

Ginger contains' gingerone ', which has excellent effect of promoting blood circulation. If the acne is inflamed, applying ginger directly will stimulate blood circulation and make the wound more red, swollen and painful. If it is acne print, the light pink purple acne print can indeed promote blood circulation and then improve by the component 'gingerone' in ginger; The effect of ginger is not good for Tan and coffee acne. However, there are risk factors for using ginger to wipe acne marks. Don't think ginger can be used for all skin if it can promote blood circulation. It depends on the receptivity of the skin. This method is contraindicated for sensitive and red blood skin.

Does erythromycin eye ointment have the effect of treating acne? yes

Erythromycin eye ointment is an antibiotic. It is a commonly used topical drug for the treatment of acne. It can inhibit and reduce the number of Propionibacterium in the sebaceous glands of skin hair follicles, reduce the stimulation of chemical factors secreted by leukocytes to the skin, and reduce the content of fatty acids in sebum. These effects can reduce the inflammatory reaction of skin due to acne, Its anti-inflammatory effect can also reduce the red inflammation of acne.

Can taking contraceptives improve acne?

Contraceptives can effectively remove acne on the skin, but not all contraceptives are effective for acne. It depends on the product description. Contraceptives regulate body hormones, so they only regulate skin oil secretion, one of the causes of acne. Contraceptives are recommended unless other drugs are ineffective for acne. Contraceptives may have strong side effects and are not suitable for every woman. Smoking, migraines, other health problems, and women over the age of 35 had better not use this method to resist acne. Men can't use this method either.

Is it feasible to apply vitamin E to your face to remove acne? no! Xiaobian's recommendation: ol food therapy has good freckle removing effect in the new year, and the latest food therapy prescription is light spot

Vitamin E is an oil-soluble substance. It is too oily to apply directly on acne. At the same time, it also hinders the discharge of oil in acne abscess. In addition, vitamin E is highly oily, and applying it to the skin may also lead to pore blockage. Therefore, it is not recommended to use vitamin E directly to maintain acne muscles.

Are these folk prescriptions used in your daily life? What is right and what is wrong has been told. Don't ignore it in the process of use! Try it now!