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Causes of toxin causing acne

The cause of the toxin causing acne, the folk prescription for clearing toxin and removing acne! With the intensification of the pace of life, the increase of work pressure, the disruption of eating habits and work and rest rules, you will find that you have annoying acne on your face. Due to too much endotoxin in the human body, toxins accumulate in the skin and hair follicles to form acne. How to clear toxin and dispel acne?

There are three main reasons for toxin production: first, unscientific diet. Spicy, greasy and fishy food are very easy to produce toxin; Second, it is caused by poor sleep. Lack of sleep or insufficient sleep before 11 p.m. will promote the production of toxins; Third, it is caused by physical reasons. Some people's constitution is relatively easy to produce toxins, which leads to the growth of acne. The generation of acne has brought a lot of troubles to people's work and life. They are psychologically negative and depressed. They are troubled by acne. However, don't be afraid of acne. Some folk remedies for acne can be shared with you:

One of the small prescriptions for acne removal: pearl powder, egg cleaning and acne removing, pearl powder and egg cleaning are both effective for sedation and whitening skin. When they are mixed together, when the mask is used, not only will the skin become smoother, but the acne will also gradually become flat. This method should be adhered to for a long time, and do not put too much pearl powder, otherwise it will easily block pores. Yogurt should be low-fat or defatted as far as possible to avoid fat particles due to excessive nutrients.

The second recipe for removing acne: honey is used to apply the face to remove acne. Generally speaking, the probability of mm long acne on oily skin is relatively high, and excessive oil secretion blocking pores is the direct cause of acne. Therefore, oil control and water replenishment are needed to remove acne, so as to make the skin achieve oil-water balance. Honey has the effect of oil control. Applying honey can increase the temperature of facial skin and stretch pores, It can deeply absorb the oil in the pores, and honey has the effect of moisturizing the skin, so the effect of applying honey to the face to remove acne is very good, which is more suitable for sisters with oily skin.

The third folk prescription for removing acne: use the correct acne skin care products. Xiaobian recommendation: long acne is not afraid of beauty, detoxification and food therapy is very efficient

I believe that it is no longer a difficult problem to remove acne by making rational use of the above recommended acne removing prescriptions, paying attention to reasonable eating habits, and then developing good work and rest rules.

With these folk prescriptions, it's not a difficult problem to remove toxins and acne. Everything starts from daily life. It is most important to adhere to good habits!