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How to deal with greasy diet and acne during the Spring Festival holiday

How to deal with greasy diet and acne during the Spring Festival holiday? The festival's rich diet and greasy intestines and stomach will also aggravate the greasiness of the face, block the pores with too much oil, instantly cause 'acne out', and how to deal with so many acne?

First aid: anti oil war 'pox' plan

● after eating greasy dishes, drink some green tea powder containing crude fiber and tea polyphenols, which has higher concentration and better effect than brewing tea soup. In addition, Astragalus membranaceus and tangerine peel soaked in water can also neutralize oil; Try to eat less hot pot. The steam will open the pores, so the skin will absorb the peroxide in the hot pot soup.

* use spray and toner to cool your skin, drink alcohol or have higher ambient temperature, which will also lead to strong oil production. Skin blemishes should be smeared locally with anti-inflammatory and oil emulsion. Besides, the eye ointment containing tetracycline is also a small trick to deal with the emergency 'acne'. Xiaobian's recommendation: how to remove acne and greasiness after the Spring Festival

How to deal with acne caused by greasiness? Have you learned these tricks? During the Spring Festival holiday, the diet is greasy and easy to cause acne. Try these first-aid measures quickly, and the effect is good!