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Acne is not afraid of beauty, detoxification and food therapy is very effective

Acne is not afraid! Beauty and detoxification food therapy is very effective in removing acne! Don't worry about acne. How to make therapeutic dishes to effectively eliminate toxins. Natural and healthy acne removal methods are dedicated to everyone to eat tender and white skin!

Clam, radish, ribs and vegetable soup

If you want to tonic and don't want to increase your physical burden, this dish is the best choice. Clam clearing liver and relieving heat, onion nourishing yin and Yang, medlar brightening eyes, clam radish ribs vegetable soup can improve liver detoxification function and blood circulation. Pink collar people who often have cold hands and feet or sit for a long time should drink more.

Ingredients: 250g clam, 100g spinach, 5 asparagus, half onion, 1 tomato, 5g medlar, 10g millet and half carrot.

Practice: wash millet, soak clams in water, and set aside after spitting sand. Hot spare ribs. Soak medlar in water for standby. Wash spinach, onion, asparagus, carrot and tomato and cut them into pieces and sections in order. Put all the ingredients into the pot (the amount of water is slightly more than the ingredients). First bring to a boil over high heat, then cook slowly over low heat for 15-20 minutes, and add a little salt.

Shanyue porridge

This dish is most suitable for OL with high work pressure, unstable mood and even melancholy tendency. Yam porridge is not only beneficial to balanced nutrition, but also helpful to improve anemia and dysmenorrhea, but also solve the problem of constipation.

Materials: fresh yam, japonica rice and brown rice 80g each

Practice: peel fresh yam, wash japonica rice and brown rice. Put yam slices (mashed better) into the pot together with rice, add water, first boil over high fire, then boil over low fire, and serve for about 30-50 minutes.

Cucumber with flour

If you are fighting 'pox', you must eat more of this dish. Mung bean powder does not contain starch, low calories, clear liver fire, no matter how much you eat, you are not afraid of being fat. Kelp sprouts contain high iron content. Bean sprouts and cucumber are alkaline foods. Blanching can not only balance the pH value in the body, but also supplement vitamins and maintain nutritional balance. If you add some lemon, it can not only promote intestinal health, but also whiten the skin. It is best to choose grape seed oil or flaxseed oil rich in unsaturated fatty acids.

Ingredients: a little grapefruit peel, a cucumber, half a carrot, a little mung bean sprouts, a little kelp sprouts, 2 cabbages, 1 teaspoon of salt, sesame oil and vinegar, and 250q of powder.

Method: scald the powder and kelp buds, rinse them with cold water and drain them. Shred carrots and mix with a little salt. Squeeze out the water after 30 minutes and set aside. The cabbage is a little hot. Pick it up and set aside. Shred cucumber, peel grapefruit, remove orange skin and shred. After all materials are stirred, add seasoning and serve.

Sauteed Celery with Dried Tofu Slices

This dish is most suitable for women who want to have tender skin. Ol eat out more and eat too greasy, which often leads to high blood concentration and insufficient fiber quality. Fried dried celery can reduce blood pressure, eliminate blood toxins and promote blood circulation; The blood circulation is good, the liver function is normal, and the skin will be tender, healthy and full of luster.

Ingredients: 200g celery, 60g dried pork, a little low sodium salt, an appropriate amount of grape seed oil, a little soy sauce, a little shredded meat, pepper - small segment.

Method: cut celery leaves, wash and scald with boiling water. Shred dried celery, stir fry celery over high heat, and then add shredded meat, a little salt and soy sauce. Xiaobian's recommendation: how to remove acne and greasiness after the Spring Festival

Have you learned these effective diet recipes recommended for you? Healthy acne removal methods are effective. Eat beautiful and smooth skin!