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Essential oil to acne 3 steps away skin care acne in winter

Essential oil to acne 3 steps, winter skin care acne disappeared! Essential oil to acne is a good way. There are blackheads and acne. Don't worry. Try the method of essential oil to acne!

Essential oil is an aromatic plant extract, which is concentrated with natural ingredients. Skin care can regulate sebum secretion and sterilization. It can moderately regulate hormone secretion and purify the skin. It is very helpful to remove blackheads and acne!

How to regulate acne with essential oil:

1、 Thoroughly clean the skin

Step 1: remove your makeup. Whether you have makeup or not, remove your makeup

Step 2: clean the face, focusing on cleaning the T-shaped part.

Step 3: wipe with a cotton pad dipped with makeup water from bottom to top to remove the residual facial products in the pores

Step 4: rinse with wet water

Remember not to wash your face more than three times a day, otherwise frequent washing will cause excessive secretion of sebaceous glands, but will worsen symptoms.

2、 Conditioning with essential oil

The essential oils commonly used to regulate acne are:

Clove: antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, inhibit the growth of bacteria and microorganisms

Red sandalwood: antibacterial, improve skin itching and inflammation, and improve facial blisters, boils and infected wounds

Cinnamon: remove warty skin

Happy Sage: it can inhibit the secretion of sebum and is beneficial to inflamed and swollen skin

Geranium: it can balance sebum secretion and promote blood circulation. It can be called a comprehensive cleansing oil for skin with blocked pores

Lavender: clean skin and control oil

Lemon: balance oil secretion and improve oily skin

Bergamot: balance oil and sebaceous gland secretion

Patchouli: improve skin, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory

Tea tree: sterilization, anti-inflammatory, astringent pores

Jojoba: it is mainly used to dilute and match the above pure essential oils

3、 Facial massage with different essential oils according to personal skin conditions

1. Acne, if you are in puberty, you can use the following methods to judge whether it is acne

(1) Acne marks: lavender essential oil + Jojoba

(2) Acne: tea tree, can be applied directly

2. Acne, if not acne, long-term blackhead or white head on the face

Clove + red sandalwood + Lavender + Jojoba

3. Acne, acne is more obvious, and facial pimples can be seen from a distance

Cinnamon + Geranium + Lavender + Jojoba

4. Oily skin, with individual small acne

(1) Tea tree essential oil: apply directly to acne

(2) Bergamot + Patchouli + Jojoba for facial massage

5. Inflamed skin

Happy sage + Lemon + Jojoba