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Acne removing skills: how to eliminate closed acne

Acne removing skills: how to eliminate closed acne? Bihe acne is a hidden pore problem in our skin care process, which is difficult to solve. Skin acne is rampant. You're going to start removing acne. Share how to deal with closed acne and acne, and make your skin smooth and acne free.

Will oily skin wrinkles grow acne less & shy;, In fact, on the contrary, due to the increase of pores, the probability of contamination and excretion increases, which will make the facial skin age prematurely. In addition, all kinds of acne and closed mouth acne will leave various' age spots' on the skin surface, and wrinkles will come sooner or later. Therefore, we should pay more attention to acne resistance. Teach everyone to remove acne skills, while preventing acne at the same time, anti-aging work simultaneously. Double effect!

Step 1: anti acne, see the essence and clean the skin

Acne essence 1: closed mouth acne is the predecessor of blackhead, because the excess secretion of the skin leads to the blockage of pores and the formation of small white protrusions.

Acne essence 2: the pores are not cleaned in time and are polluted by the outside world, which makes acne develop into blackhead or acne.

Cleaning techniques:

Step1 -- warm skin with hot towel: apply a hot towel with a temperature of 30 ℃ - 45 ℃ on the face for about 2-3 minutes, which can fully open the pores and kill some harmful bacteria on the face.

Step 2 -- deep cleansing with cleanser: use a mild cleanser for deep cleansing. It is best to keep the cleanser on the face for 3-5 minutes. However, for acne beauties, choosing less foam cleanser is more suitable for your skin.

Step3 - press your fingers to speed up the cycle: before washing with warm water, you can massage back and forth with your fingers for the acne dead corners of the nose, forehead and cheeks. The massage technique is very simple, as long as it circulates up and down the skin, left and right. Stick to it, you can achieve the effect of improving facial blood circulation and strengthening metabolism.

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Step 2: grasp the key to prevent aging and shrink pores

Anti aging key 1: the aging of acne muscle lies in the imbalance of pore contraction. If the pores continue to increase, the skin will become rough and dry, and wrinkles will take the opportunity.

Anti aging key 2: all kinds of closed mouth acne and acne, which are not removed in time, leave traces of years on the skin - spots and garbage in the pores form corner plugs, making the skin look more fragile and aging.

Pore shrinking techniques:

Step1-- days and months multiplying the corner suppository: to remove keratin from pores and pores, the best way is to make a fruit acid mask. Mixing VC containing fruit juice into ordinary nourishing mask can gradually remove the accumulated corner bolt and lay the foundation for shrinking pores.

Step 2 -- shrink pores: use some coolants or curing products containing alcohol and peppermint to recover the thick pores. In fact, in addition to cosmetic substances, avoiding excessive light or sunlight can add points to shrink pores.

Step3 - water oil balance: After cleansing every night, moisturizers and other products should not be forgotten; Or moisturizing facial mask every night is a good way to achieve the balance of water and oil. The proportion of water and oil is balanced, and the pores shrink naturally.

Step 3: Rejuvenate the skin, improve the key points and be suitable for nutrition

Skin rejuvenation key 1: skin aging is due to the loss of nutrition on the face, and acne muscles are no exception. However, oily skin itself has excess nutrition, so nourishing should 'have gains and losses'.

Skin rejuvenation focus 2: in addition to general nutritional supplements, some freckle and anti-aging products should also be used according to the characteristics of facial acne marks and acne marks.

Appropriate nutrition skills:

Step1 -- steaming to promote absorption: after the first two strokes of cleaning and pore contraction, facial absorption has reached a good state. In addition, facial steaming therapy can make the skin absorption state to a higher level. The simplest way is to take a sauna for about 20 minutes a week, which is not only good for your health, but also improve your facial skin.

Step2-- essence anti wrinkle: choose the best absorption liquid, smear, then massage your eyes and cheeks with your fingers, so that nutrients can fully enter the skin. But don't make multiple choices, or you will have too much nutrition and acne muscles can't eat it!

Step3 - freckle removal is effective: pay more attention to acne spots and avoid excessive sunshine on this part. Otherwise, the trace will be difficult to remove. Of course, we should also choose products such as scar removing cream and acne removing cream, which can solve the problem of skin aging in advance.

After mastering the three-step acne removal and acne elimination skills, you can effectively protect your skin from acne. Give it a try!