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How to prevent acne spots in winter? Zinc supplement is the key to prevent acne

How to prevent acne spots in winter? Prevention of acne zinc is the key! MM who have acne know that eating more zinc containing food can prevent acne! Acne is painful, but as long as you master the method, you can prevent acne. Let's have a look!

If zinc deficiency is judged

At present, there are two methods to check zinc in the world. One is to test with hair, which is called hair zinc; The other is called blood zinc, which is tested by blood collection.

How should zinc deficiency be supplemented?

The metal elements needed by the human body are obtained through diet. The types and contents of metal elements in various foods are different. Food therapy is preferred.

1. Plant food

Beans, millet, radish, Chinese cabbage, lentils, eggplant, corn, wheat and potatoes have high zinc content.

2. Fruit

Practice has proved that often eating more zinc rich food can not only treat acne, but also make short people grow tall, thin people gain weight, increase the chance of pregnancy, but also prevent acne. Bananas in fruits contain more zinc.

3. Animal food

Oysters are the most rich in zinc, while others such as lamb chops, chicken, Smoked Sturgeon, lean meat, chicken and duck meat and eggs are also rich in zinc.

How to prevent facial acne? Eating foods containing zinc can effectively prevent acne. Have you learned this secret?