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How to prevent and dispel acne in winter

How to prevent and dispel acne in winter? It's more difficult to prevent acne. If you want to say goodbye to acne thoroughly, the skin care from inside to outside is the most effective. Prevent acne and remove acne at the same time, and your skin is white and flawless!

Daily acne control maintenance exercise

The exfoliation action of acne skin should be more careful. If you don't pay attention, excessive sanding will stimulate the skin and make the acne harm more serious. Recently, many brands have launched exfoliating cotton tablets, which use acids to replace the particles in the horny cream. The touch is mild, and most of them will deploy moisturizing ingredients, so they can be used every day. At present, the most popular ingredient added to cotton tablets is salicylic acid, which can dissolve the excess oil of pores. At the same time, it also has the effect of anti-inflammatory and sterilization, so as to develop a skin environment that is not easy to produce acne. It is most suitable for adults with makeup habits.

Emergency acne elimination and diet regulation program

If the skin has been poisoned by blackheads and 'acne', it should be urgently removed. The sooner it is removed, it will be easy to get rid of acne, and it is not easy to leave acne scars. In addition to using professional acne products, you should also carefully observe your eating habits. The calories of fried and high-fat foods and high calorie foods can not be fully absorbed and utilized by the human body, and some will accumulate and affect the body's function, while spicy, alcohol and other substances will stimulate the skin and cause skin problems.

Acne health invisibility cloak

Many people will use the foundation or concealer to cover up the red and swollen inflammation, but once the acne is unable to breathe, the bacteria will become more furious. If you have to cover up the acne, you can use the ingredients of Yan Yan to add the antibacterial effect of Concealer products, such as tea or eucalyptus, the color as much as possible with natural mineral color is the main, will not cause the burden of acne, if contain the ease of repair ingredients, will also help pock pock fade.

Warm the pores before anti acne

In case of improper treatment, the white head and black head acne on the face will evolve into red and swollen acne, but regular deep cleaning can help the skin prevent 'future acne'. In fact, the space where acne exists is in the shape of U-shaped water droplets. At most, acne stickers can only stick away the acne on the surface. Therefore, we can apply a hot towel on the part with blackhead acne, use the principle of thermal expansion and cold contraction, clean the open pores in the warm and deep layer, and carefully pull out the floating acne with a clip, so as to strangle the blackhead on the surface and prevent them from developing into stubborn blackheads. Remember to use mild astringent water to shrink pores, otherwise the skin is easy to relax.

These recommended methods can help you release acne and dispel acne in parallel, and you are no longer afraid of the invasion of acne!