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The method of lasting acne elimination is very important. How to choose acne elimination products co

Persistent acne method is very important, how to correctly choose acne products? Acne is not an overnight thing, to persistent acne, acne method is very important, recommend Zheng Xue acne method and choose acne skin care products, hope scientific acne friends to learn it!

Although acne is not a serious disease, it does not matter, but medical research found that most people with acne have serious psychological disorders: introversion, inferiority complex, suspicious, impatient. Everyone with acne will dream that the acne on his face will disappear overnight & hellip& hellip; It is such a rush for success that makes acne very difficult to treat, and even feels hopeless and disheartened.

The treatment of acne is not as simple as providing a method or product. In fact, the education and psychological counseling of patients are more important, especially in today's world where there are a variety of acne eliminating products and the Internet is highly developed. If we can't change the young people's eagerness for success, their psychology full of doubts, and their confidence to overcome acne can't be re established, It's very difficult to cure acne, especially for patients who have had acne for more than one or two years, because they have tried almost all the products they can buy and all kinds of methods they can collect. All the hype products advertised must be bought to try, and because of the lack of professional guidance on acne knowledge, even if they are lucky enough to buy a regular product, they have no effect after a few days, He gave up because he thought it was invalid.

Acne is a kind of chronic skin disease, the key of which is pore blockage. When the pores are blocked, the oil inside can't be discharged, and the more it accumulates, the more small pimples are formed. That's how acne happens. Sometimes you can squeeze out some white things, that is, the oil blocked in the pores. Sometimes you can see a white top, which is acne. But if the pores are not completely blocked, the oil in the pores will be oxidized into black by the air, which is acne. Therefore, regardless of the Whitehead acne, blackhead acne, are the result of pore clogging. There are many people who find their pores are bulky. In fact, bulky pores are also a kind of acne, which medical experts call 'tiny acne'.

There are countless acne products on the market. It's hard to distinguish the true from the false. It's hard to judge only by consumers' own experience. Sometimes even if you choose the right product, you may not be able to cure it. Therefore, if you want to treat acne, you should first listen to the advice of medical experts, choose a correct acne elimination method and regular acne elimination products, and stick to the treatment according to the doctor's advice. I believe some problems will be solved. Although there are many acne products and methods on the market, they can be summarized as follows. Before purchasing products or choosing a certain method, you should listen to the suggestions of medical experts.

Wash your face and clean your skin.

Some people believe that acne is the cause of skin cleaning is not clean, these are not correct. Acne is not caused by bad health habits, acne will not be infected, will not infect people around you who have contact with you. Blackhead and acne are typical acne, but blackhead is not dirty, but oxidized oil, oil can not be secreted, so of course, blackhead can not be washed off, excessive washing of the face, but more and more blackhead. Washing your face twice a day is enough! Some people like to wash their face with deep cleansing products or other products with strong cleaning and decontamination, which is unnecessary. This excessive cleaning method will cause the skin to 'over degrease', damage the natural lipid barrier of the skin, reduce the skin resistance, and cause skin sensitivity. In serious cases, it will cause 'external oil and internal dryness'.

Essential oil.

Now the so-called essential oil products on the market are also various, from rose essential oil to tea tree essential oil. In fact, all essential oils are the same, only weak anti-inflammatory and moisturizing effect, single use is impossible to acne. Therefore, it can be believed that the so-called essential oil acne products, in fact, most of them add a large dose of hormones, antibiotics, otherwise it is impossible to effectively acne. There are also some plants that are similar to hormones. For example, licorice is a kind of hormone like plant. It can also remove acne like hormones, but it can also reduce skin resistance and has dependence. Therefore, the so-called licorice essence, essential oil and raw liquid are unreliable products.

Detoxification and beauty

We often hear people say that there are toxins in the body, or there are too many toxins, so they have acne. In fact, this is very unscientific. There are not so many toxins in the body. Even if there are toxins, they will be discharged from the body through the kidneys or intestines. They will not cause the accumulation of toxins in the body unless the kidneys and liver lose their functions.

Pure Chinese medicine acne products

An experienced doctor of traditional Chinese medicine can treat acne according to dialectical treatment, but the effective rate is relatively low. Of course, it can't quickly remove acne. When it's possible to cook medicine, you can try this method of Chinese medicine conditioning. However, there are many kinds of "pure Chinese medicine" and "pure natural" anti acne cosmetics on the market now, which are very unreliable. So far, there is no strictly controlled medical research that can confirm the effective treatment of acne by external use of Chinese herbal medicine. Imagine, we squeeze ginseng juice on the face to see if it can remove acne? However, this kind of so-called 'pure natural' acne in the market is very much, and each claim can quickly acne.

Tretinoin anti acne products

In the case of aggregate acne or ineffective use of salicylic acid, dermatologists will consider whether to use retinoic acid products, but doctors are very careful. Doctors generally require patients to sign a letter of understanding before using retinoic acid products, and doctors must truthfully explain the serious adverse reactions that retinoic acid products may cause to patients. The main adverse reactions were skin chaps, mental depression, fetal malformations and so on. Because of the toxicity, it was not the first choice.

Mechanical extrusion

We often see some blackhead stickers and acne stickers in TV shopping advertisements and supermarkets. These are all mechanical methods to eliminate acne. Through squeezing, picking, sucking and pulling out, breaking the acne or getting the blackhead out, whether by hand or with the help of tools, or whether disinfection or not, it will lead to inflammation of the acne and leave permanent marks. You keep sucking, it also keeps emitting, therefore, oil is constantly secreted, blackhead, white head is impossible to kill. Extrusion will damage the pores, so after extrusion, acne will occur repeatedly in the same place, do not use this rough method to deal with acne. Try not to squeeze smallpox, if you need to see a dermatologist.

Anti acne products containing salicylic acid

Pore clogging is the main determinant of acne. When pores are clogged, the oil inside can not be discharged, and the more it accumulates, the more it forms small acne. This is how acne happens. Sometimes you can squeeze out some white things, that is, the oil blocked in the pores. Sometimes you can see a white top, which is acne. But if the pores are not completely blocked, the oil in the pores will be oxidized into black by the air, which is acne. As a result, both acne and blackhead are the result of clogged pores. " Salicylic acid is a sharp tool to dredge pores. As long as the pores are not blocked, acne will not come out easily. Therefore, salicylic acid is the first choice for dermatologists to remove acne. The concentration of salicylic acid stipulated by FDA is 0.5-2%.

Regular international brand acne products contain salicylic acid, but the concentration of salicylic acid is different, 2% salicylic acid acne effect is the most reliable. The acne control tonic of Emile and Mary Kay has good acne removing effect and low price. It can also remove acne, remove printing, control oil, reduce pores and improve skin quality. Long term application can make rough skin smooth and tender. Salicylic acid is currently recognized as the safest acne products, the effect is very reliable, but the use of acne products containing salicylic acid can not be in a hurry, we must be patient.

Finally, we must emphasize that confidence, acne can not be effective in a short time. Doctors often say that "acne elimination is not in products or methods". In fact, this is the truth. Because there are no quick acne elimination methods and products in the world, consumers must avoid being cheated because they are eager to achieve success. Salicylic acid containing acne products and tretinoin products, are dermatologists recommended regular acne method. But whether salicylic acid or tretinoin acne, it takes a long time of patient treatment. Regular methods usually take two or three months to take effect, even after two or three months, acne completely subsided, but also need to adhere to a few months, or even years of maintenance treatment, so as to prevent the recurrence of acne.