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How to remove acne without damaging skin

How does acne not hurt the skin? Winter acne skin care products DIY! Many acne products in the chemical composition will make acne face worse and worse, how to easily acne without harm to the skin? Now DIY acne skin care products, natural no harm Oh!

Huanglian Luffa water for acne

Mix the yellow lotus flour with towel gourd water. Sterilization, detoxification, convergence, inhibition of sebaceous gland excessive secretion, prevent acne growth.

Raw materials: Huanglian, Luffa water

Removing acne with glutinous rice and honey

Efficacy: it can be used to remove acne, improve dry skin, tighten loose skin, smooth scar and make skin more compact and delicate; Honey can promote skin metabolism, enhance skin elasticity, is a good product for detoxification and beauty.

Raw materials: 50g glutinous rice, 1 potato, 1 spoonful honey, 100ml cold boiled water.

Removing acne with mashed potato and milk

Boil 200g potatoes with skin, remove the skin, add a little juice and mash them. Add milk and glycerin, mix and pound well to make a paste. Apply evenly on face, cover with steaming towel or not, wash off after 1-2 hours. It is suitable for people with acne, dry and atrophic skin, oily skin and swollen face.

Ingredients: mashed potatoes, milk

Potato and honey mask mask

Production method:

1. Peel and wash potatoes, steam them with glutinous rice for 30 minutes until crisp.

2. Cut the potatoes into small pieces and put them into the blender. Then pour in glutinous rice, honey and cold boiled water and mix them well.

3. Pour the glutinous rice, potato and honey paste into the glassware and use it after cooling.

usage method:

1. apply the mask evenly and gently to your face.

2. After static application for 15 minutes, wash with warm water.

Preservation method: natural mask is easy to deteriorate and is not suitable for preservation.

How does acne not hurt the skin? Winter acne skin care products DIY! Sihai female beauty skin care more acne article for you about acne coup!