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What's the reason for the blackhead on the face? What habits make it easy to grow blackhead on the f

What's the reason of blackhead on the face? What habit makes black head grow on the face easily? The most direct reason for the growth of blackheads is the coarseness of skin pores, which leads to the blockage of dust and oil in the pores, and finally forms blackheads. What bad habits make black head grow on the face after all? Reveal the secret quickly~

1. Hormone secretion disorder

The factor that affects hormone secretion is women's physiological period. Generally speaking, the vast majority of girls after ovulation, lutein in the body will rise, indirectly will let the secretion of sebum also rise, so many girls in ovulation to the period before the physiological period, acne on the face is easy to become acne.

2. Genes

Because everyone's physique is different, so the size of pores is different. Moreover, even if the same maintenance work is done, the improvement degree of pores is also different. Therefore, people who are born with poor pore conditions may need to pay more efforts to take care of their skin than others.

3. Squeeze acne and acne by hand

In the process of extrusion, the connective tissue around the pores is often compressed, and then deformed, and can no longer restore the original elasticity and support. So the coarse pores are very tolerant of floating dust and do not let the air invade, forming blackheads.

4. Sunshine

Excessive exposure to the sun, in addition to causing abnormal metabolism of epidermal cells, pores are easy to get bigger and bigger, will accelerate the aging of the skin and the formation of blackheads.

5. Improper use of cleaning products and maintenance methods

Now in the market, I'm afraid more than half of the makeup removers are makeup removers, but this seemingly easy to use makeup remover is the culprit of acne and acne in many cases.

6. Over cleaning skin

Too much cleaning will make the skin tense, dry and peeling, and even some small scurf. On the contrary, it is easy for our skin to produce abnormal horniness metabolism or aging phenomenon, which will cause greater harm.

What's the reason of blackhead on the face? What habit makes black head grow on the face easily? Sihai women's beauty and skin care, there are more about acne articles to introduce, not to be missed!