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Is milk whitening effective? Is winter milk whitening effective

Milk whitening effect? Winter milk whitening effect! Fragrant delicious milk whitening effect is good, milk in addition to rich nutrition, but also has whitening effect, Xiaobian teach you how to use milk to wash your face, let your skin healthy and white.

Milk with honey

Mix the milk and honey to wash your face. Let the milk and honey stay on your face for about ten minutes and then wash off.

Vie yogurt

Go to the drugstore to buy 400 IU vitamin E. pour vitamin E into an empty bowl, add 2 tbsp yogurt vitamin E, half tbsp honey and lemon juice, and stir well. The next step is to apply this recipe thickly on your face and control the time to 15 minutes. As soon as the time comes, wash with warm water immediately. Look at you in the mirror, is your skin getting whiter and whiter? You can also use yogurt containing active lactic acid bacteria to gently massage your skin after washing your face, deeply penetrate into your skin, and thoroughly remove the dirt from your pores.

Face washing with Iced Milk for sunburn

Milk can not only supply sufficient nutrition to the skin, but also play the role of anti-inflammatory, detumescence and soothing the skin. Therefore, if the skin is red and swollen due to the sun, milk can be used for nursing. Wash your face with ice milk, and then use the cotton pad soaked in ice milk to directly apply on the red, swollen and hot parts, which can instantly relieve pain.

Can milk be used for whitening? How to make milk whitening mask?

Milk + flour = quality mask

Milk mixed flour is a very good mask, neutral skin is particularly suitable for use. However, if you have oily skin, you need to replace the milk with skimmed milk; if you are between the ages of 20 and 40, you do not need to process the milk. Rich cream can obviously solve the problem of dry skin, while the defatted milk flour mask can effectively improve the skin quality.

Salt milk bath farewell to dandruff

Milk with salt can also improve your rough skin, and effectively remove aging cutin, leaving smooth skin. You can prepare a small jar, melt a cup of salt, pour it into the hot tub, and then add 4 cups of skimmed milk powder. So you can lie in this special bath for yourself, soak for 20 minutes, you can continue your daily bath work. Once a week, it can easily remove skin dandruff.

Milk whitening effect? Winter milk whitening effect! Sihai network women's beauty and skin care channel more special articles about whitening to teach you milk whitening secret!