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How to whiten in autumn and winter

How to whiten in autumn and winter? Common sense of whitening and skin care in autumn and winter! Different skin types have different methods of whitening and skin care in autumn and winter. How to whiten in autumn and winter and fight against dryness in autumn and winter? Sihai Xiaobian will whiten in autumn and winter with you!

Skin feature 1: skin is dry and lack of water, especially in autumn and winter, which is the root of the formation of color spots. Easy to wrinkle, fine lines, not easy to acne.

Whitening formula: starting from replenishing skin moisture, moisturizing is the first work. Nourish skin with sufficient moisture, maintain normal metabolism, resist dryness and pigmentation.

Whitening method: most of the current whitening products have double effects of whitening and moisturizing. In addition to the basic course of whitening care, the use of special moisturizing whitening night cream at night can give the skin sufficient nutrition, whitening and nourishing.

Tips: especially dry skin, after using the moisturizing mask after finishing horniness, the effect is excellent. Moisturize mask at least two times a week. In addition, moisturizing cream can be used before whitening lotion to improve the moisture content of the skin.

Skin characteristics 2: greasy, easy to acne, large pores, and most of them belong to the type of oil and lack of water, the possibility of long spots is small.

Whitening formula: the use of oil-free whitening lotion provides nourishment for the skin without worrying that it will aggravate the burden of the skin and clog pores.

Whitening method: insist on using whitening cleansing cream, toner and lotion during the day and night. Use special oil control products and sunscreen products for t part during the day to prevent the formation of black spots. Use whitening essence at night to provide adequate nourishment for skin and repair skin's daytime damage.

Tip: make a scrub and whitening mask once a week.

Skin feature 3: no oil, no dry, just right.

Whitening formula: this kind of skin whitening is the simplest of the three types. It does not need to use complete whitening products. It focuses on sunscreen during the day and moisturizing at night. Drink more water, eat more fruits and vegetables, skin natural white, transparent.

Whitening method: adhere to cleaning, toning and nutrition every day. Use Whitening Night Cream at night.

Tip: once a week, whitening mask.

Of course, whitening is a complex work, not only skin problems, but also to understand their own environment, skin condition and problems, so as to effectively carry out targeted whole body whitening, in order to achieve real whitening.

Primary whitening type:

Features: the skin color is not very good, there is no sense of transparency, dark, but the color spot is not obvious, do not pay much attention to sunscreen, the skin has sunburn. If the cleaning is not thorough enough, the dirt, grease, sweat and makeup residue in the air will remain on the skin, making the skin dark.

Whitening and freckle removing methods: the whitening focus of this kind of skin is cleaning. You can choose super cleansing foam cleansing products, and insist on once a week to exfoliate, so that the skin is transparent. In conjunction with nutrition moisturizing whitening mask. When the skin is clean, it will naturally appear flawless.

Secondary whitening type:

Features: thick cuticle, dull skin, sunburn and pigmentation due to a lot of sun exposure, aging skin. Such people must pay attention to whitening at the same time must be freckle

Whitening and freckle removing methods: pay attention to sunscreen, use sunscreen products all year round, and use sunshade cap and umbrella. Regularly go to beauty salon to exfoliate skin and massage with massage cream. Daily use of nutrients containing moisturizing ingredients, and eat more fruits, vegetables, drink more water, so that the skin from the inside out of the whitening and moisturizing. Cooperate with once a week clean whitening mask to make the pigment naturally metabolize, and the skin is naturally whitening and healthy.

Grade 3 whitening type:

Features: obvious color spots and freckles appear on the skin, with large distribution area and dark spots. It is mainly due to irregular work and rest time, often staying up late, and excessive smoking, drinking, sun exposure and other reasons, resulting in endocrine disorders.

Whitening and freckle elimination methods: this type of skin must adhere to the continuous whitening throughout the year. Although the spots are eliminated after the formation, it is not difficult to use the whitening and freckle facial mask regularly, supplemented by the regular whitening care in the beauty salon.

It can be seen that whitening is a comprehensive beauty course, sunscreen, moisturizing, regular life, one can not be less, only you abide by the above rules, whitening effect can play better, do not persevere, whitening will not always come to you, use your own whitening method to protect your skin, this is the most important. To achieve the effect of safe whitening from the inside out, not only the face becomes white, but also the whole body can be whitened at the same time! According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine skin care, three parts of skin care and seven parts of conditioning, the essence of beauty and beauty is to show the outside, but also the inside! In fact, as long as you master the innovative whitening theory, you can control the whitening, let you get twice the result with half the effort, you can achieve both relaxed and effective whitening effect.

How to whiten in autumn and winter? women's skin care and whitening channel provides you with more tips for whitening and skin care in autumn and winter. Learn quickly!