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What can autumn and winter eat to whiten, remove spot and remove acne

What can autumn and winter eat to whiten, freckle and acne? For skin with dark complexion, spots and acne, autumn and winter is a good time to whiten, freckle and acne. What fruits and vegetables can whiten, freckle and acne? Sihai Xiaobian recommends it to you!

Because skin metabolism will slow down in autumn and winter, and the temperature is appropriate, it is the best time for skin to repair damaged cells. Melasma, freckles, age spots and other skin problems need to be taken care of. In autumn, freckle removal and whitening has become the first choice for beauty women. Skin metabolism will slow down in autumn and winter, and the appropriate temperature is the best time for skin to repair damaged cells.

The formation of facial spots is caused by more melanin produced by skin melanocytes, and ultraviolet radiation is an important reason. Under the ultraviolet radiation in summer, casease in the skin is activated to produce oxidation and stimulate cells to produce excessive melanin. After about 28 days of metabolic cycle, melanin will settle down on the face, forming small spots of different colors.

In autumn, skin metabolism slows down, and the climate is relatively dry, so the facial epidermis is easy to fall off, which helps the emergence of spots. For women over the age of 35, after the appearance of sunburn on the face, if it does not recover in time, it is difficult to eliminate the permanent spots.

Daily maintenance is also very important, drink more water to speed up the metabolism of the skin, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, eat less spicy and other stimulating food; when using freckle whitening skin care products, do not choose strong irritant, which will damage the surface of the skin, not only has the possibility of spot recurrence, but also affects the overall condition of the skin.

1. Kelp.

Kelp is a good food for detoxification. The iodine rich in kelp will be absorbed by the human body after it enters the body. It can promote the discharge of harmful substances and pigment waste in the body and skin, keep the internal environment of the body and skin clean, and avoid melanin pigmentation of the skin.

2. Honey.

Honey not only nourishes the skin, but also is essential for beauty. It is the best choice for detoxification and beauty. Honey is rich in fructose and glucose, which can be easily absorbed by human body after entering human body. It can effectively moisturize skin and replenish skin moisture. In addition, honey is also rich in various vitamins and amino acids. Vitamins have antioxidant effect, which can effectively protect skin from melanin, effectively promote skin metabolism and timely discharge melanin Outside.

3. Milk.

Milk whitening effect is the best, many people use milk to describe people's skin can be broken, visible milk charm. Milk can make the skin smooth. The most important thing is that in the dry season of autumn, the nourishment of milk is particularly important. Moreover, milk contains a lot of water, which can make up for the lack of water in autumn, keep the skin full of water, and keep the skin elastic and energetic.

Autumn and winter whitening freckle food to cater to the season to arrange, to replenish water, but also timely detoxification!