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Which is good for men's whitening facial cleanser?

Which is good for men whitening cleansing cream? Cleansing cream is a product of emulsion consisting of oil phase, water phase, some free surface active agent and nutrition agent. According to the principle of similar dissolving, when washing face, oil-soluble grease dirt is dissolved by oil-soluble substance, and water-soluble perspiration dirt is dissolved by water-soluble substance. Which is good for men's whitening facial cleanser?

Recommend men's whitening facial cleanser brand ranking:

Nivea (founded in Hamburg, Germany in 1911, a brand of BDF, a global skincare expert in Europe)

L'Oreal (founded in 1907 in France, the world's leading cosmetics industry, China's famous trademark, L'Oreal Group)

Mentholatum, which began in 1889 in the United States, is a world-famous brand and a world-famous brand of external medicine

4. Biore (a brand of Japan's top 500 Kao enterprises and a world-famous comprehensive daily chemical enterprise)

Shiseido (founded in 1872 in Japan as a pharmacy, Shiseido group, a famous cosmetics brand in Japan)

6 Biotherm (founded in 1950 in France, one of the top three European fashion skin care brands, belonging to L'Oreal cosmetics group)

7 Goff GF (Shanghai Jiahua's first professional men's skin care brand in China, the most famous cosmetics enterprise in China)

8 pond's (acquired by Unilever in 1987 in 1846 in the United States, one of Unilever's successful models, skin care products)

9 Ding Jiayi TJOY (Professor Ding Jiayi of China Pharmaceutical University started in 1987, national brand, Suzhou Canon Biochemical Co., Ltd.)

10 Junshi JS (opale's professional men's skin care brand, which belongs to Shiseido group)

Which one is better depends on the skin texture of the individual. Therefore, choose a suitable facial cleanser according to your needs. At the same time, it's not good to rely on facial cleanser alone. Let's pay attention to it!

The first step is to clean, that is, facial cleanser. In fact, facial cleanser has no whitening, pore shrinkage and other effects, so you only need to choose a man's facial cleanser with enough cleanliness. In addition, if your skin is oily and your cuticle is thick, you need to buy a exfoliating product. If your skin is sensitive, use it once every 15 days. If your skin is horny, use it once a week. Use it gently to avoid wrinkles.

Second routine maintenance, pay attention to moisturizing, skin moisture, sunburn, aging, you can buy some water and lotion that are suitable for your skin. If you are afraid of oil in summer, you can buy refreshing spots. If you still feel greasy, just use toner, and do some whitening and moisturizing cotton films regularly, about 2-3 times a week.

Finally, sunscreen, summer buy SPF20 above, PA + + + sunscreen can be.

Usually eat more like tomatoes, strawberries and other foods rich in vitamin C, eat less sensitive vegetables and aquatic products, eat the best not to go out in the sun.

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