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How to maintain and whiten the skin?

Yin eun hye, the heroine of lie to me, is a popular Korean actress. She always appears in public with a changeable image. Although her skin color is a little dark, she still has a good way in beauty and skin care. How does the Korean star Yin eun hye maintain and whiten her skin? Although she often shows up with heavy makeup, she can't hide her tender skin at all. Let's share Yin's experience in whitening and skin care.

South Korea's mm have white skin, let us really envy, and for the well-known skin care brand DHC endorsement of Yin en Hui is let girls have to follow the skin care learning object. So how does Yin en Hui keep whitening in the busy advertising work?

Whitening Mask

Sometimes you need to bask in the sun for filming or advertising. The most important thing is to bask in the sun for a few days, which is a great sacrifice for the beauty of fishing songs. However, Yin was able to keep whitening all the time and make a new life freely. In order to the new supersedes the old. She used the whitening mask everyday and painted the whitening essence. The aim is to speed up the metabolism and to go out after the dark complexion of the sun, so that the skin will restore its original ruddy color.

Wash your face with milk

Another secret of her is to wash her face with milk every day, and often use milk mask to make her skin look like velvet. In the studio busy shooting, in order to alleviate the skin pressure and fatigue, keep the skin elastic, Yun Eunhea will also use cucumber mask and other emergency measures.

Yin en Hui often shoot TV series because of the problem of skin dryness, that is, how to keep pores?

Drink eight glasses of water a day

Yin's skin is very delicate, but it's very easy to be allergic, so she usually doesn't make up when she's not filming. She doesn't use soap or facial cleanser to wash her face in the morning, and only uses cold water to wash her face. In addition, in order to keep the skin moisturizing, she drinks 8 cups of water a day, almost no harm to the coffee, tobacco, chocolate and so on, and likes to apply fresh potato mask on her face.

Tips for pore care

Yin en Hui pays great attention to the care of pores. The specific methods are: first use hot towels to put on face, then make facial mask, which can effectively remove sebum, prevent skin excrement accumulation and cause pores bigger and bigger. Finally, use the cotton pad to dip in the make-up water, apply it all over the face, and pat it gently to achieve the purpose of shrinking pores. If it rains for a long time, and the notice comes down every day, the face is wearing thick make-up, and it is easy to cause dark yellow skin color and lose vitality if it is not fully cleaned. So for Yin, cleaning is very important for skin care.

Every time after the shooting is finished, Yun Eunhea will immediately wash the skin. First clean the skin with clean oil and foam cleansing cream to prevent the residue from clogging the pores. But she washes her face very quickly, because touching for a long time not only can easily irritate the skin, but also can make the residue plug the pores again. After cleaning, Yun Eunhea also pays great attention to the nursing of the pores. The method is to use hot towels to cover the face and then make a mask, which can effectively remove sebum and prevent the accumulation of skin excrement and make pores bigger and bigger. Finally, use the cotton pad refrigerated in the refrigerator to dip in the make-up water, apply it all over the face, and pat it gently to achieve the purpose of shrinking pores. Of course, special care is also necessary. Yun Eunhea usually receives a professional skin massage once a month, while the rest of the family makes facial mask and massage at home. Skin health needs cooperation from the inside to the outside, so Yin en Hui strives to lead a regular life and stay away from harmful products such as tobacco and alcohol.