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Natural whitening skills teach you to retain natural beauty

In the hot summer, whitening skin is a daily task, and maintenance is an essential step. We have collected some of the most natural whitening methods, which are worth trying!

Milk whitening

Prepare a small cup of fresh milk (in summer, you can put the fresh milk in the refrigerator, apply it cool, it will be more comfortable). Steam your face with steam, suck the cotton pad with fresh milk, apply it on your face for about 15 minutes, take it off, and wash the milk on your face with water. Long term persistence can make skin white and even.

Aloe whitening

Prepare three finger wide and two finger long aloe vera leaves with spots to prick and wash, and then a piece of Cucumber 3 cm long, 1 / 4 egg white, 2-3 g pearl powder, and appropriate amount of flour (for thickening).

Put the aloe and cucumber into the juicer and pour it into a small bowl, then add egg white, pearl powder and proper amount of flour to make paste, which does not flow down.

Wash your face, put the paste on your face, dry it, and then pat it with softener and skin care products, once or twice a week.

Tomato honey whitening

This whitening formula can whiten the face and hands at the same time. Especially acne skin, can effectively remove greasy, prevent infection, make skin white and delicate.

Formula: half tomato and proper amount of honey.

Usage: stir tomato into tomato juice, add appropriate amount of honey and stir until paste. Apply evenly to face or hands and wash off for about 15 minutes. It is recommended to do it once or twice a week.

Vegetable whitening

Green pepper, cucumber, quarter balsam pear, celery, green apple, etc. are mixed into beauty vegetable juice to drink, such vegetable juice has enough vitamin C, which is very effective for whitening.