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What are the indications of whitening needle

What are the indications of whitening needle? The magical whitening effect of whitening needle is favored by many people. Whitening needle can not only whitening, its antioxidant effect can also help the body delay aging.

At present, many plant essence contains grape seed essence, which is always hidden behind the curtain. Whitening needles transmit these essence into the body more directly through intravenous infusion, and let you start from white to feet. As can be imagined, this whitening project is more popular among women.

Whitening needle only uses the side effects of drugs to play the role of whitening. The main components of whitening needle are glutathione, tranexamic acid and vitamin C. And these drugs must be diagnosed by the doctor before use, and then prescribing, temporary configuration intravenous infusion use, so many components are produced by different manufacturers, it is impossible to package together into a certain product, so there is absolutely no whitening needle brand.

Indications of whitening needle:

1. General dark and uneven skin color, facial spots, rough skin, light aging and sunburn in travel.

2. People with irregular life, high pressure, staying up late, having a long rest, often drinking coffee, and having no luster

3. The pursuit of perfection, the hope of whole body whitening.

The treatment effect of whitening needle is as follows

1. It can lighten the facial spots, inhibit the synthesis of melanin, and reduce the whitening effect on black, yellow and rough skin.

2. It can improve the integral or congenital darkening of skin.

3. The skin conditioning before and after laser and phototherapy can enhance the desquamation, reduce the reaction of pigment deposition, and prevent the anti blackening.

4. Anti oxidation of body tissue, aging, enhance immunity.

5. Help to expel toxins and wastes, accelerate metabolism.