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Pearl powder whitening but not eating

Pearl powder is the best whitening product. In a few days, you will have elastic and elastic skin. The whitening effect of pearl powder is so magical that even Empress Dowager Cixi believes in it. She keeps eating 1 teaspoon a week to nourish her face. It's not old that it's you. Is pearl powder really so effective?

Xiaobian interviewed a famous skin care expert by telephone: there is no basis for taking pearl powder to whiten in nutrition.

We should pay attention to the fact that pearl powder will become inferior due to sea water pollution and other problems, and it is a mineral for fear of heavy metal residues, which may cause damage to the body. It is not recommended to take it casually.

And now the authenticity of pearl powder on the market is hard to distinguish. Many businesses against their will grind shells into powder to act as pearl powder for trading. Xiaobian reminds many people who love beauty that they must go to the regular store to buy pearl powder. They must not be cheap before they die.