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What are the folk prescriptions for skin care after the festival? Ol whitening spot whitening trick! There are many ways to remove and lighten spots, but don't go into the misunderstanding of freckle removal. Freckle and light spot need the correct method to be fast and effective, so how to choose the correct light spot method? Remember that different skin types have different methods!

Distinguish between light spots and whitening

Whitening maintenance focuses on the pursuit of uniform and white skin color. It can be said that it can passively intercept the forming melanin in the way of inhibition, or metabolize melanin to achieve a bright and white skin color by supplementing keratin water, promoting cell renewal and guiding epidermal cell abscission. However, for 'black spots' - a skin problem with melanin melanin accumulated over time, if only the whole face is painted with whitening care products and the overall skin color turns white, the spots are only relatively lighter. Visually, the color difference with the facial skin has not been improved. Therefore, for spot nursing, we must suit the remedy to the case and carry out local spot elimination nursing.

Small spots in second kill area

If the spots on the face are not odd or piecemeal, it is only a few bits and pieces. Suggest that MM use sticky patches or high concentration of weak spot cream, stick them on spots, or cut the cotton pads into a small patch and apply the spots on the spots, so that they can reduce the burden on other parts of the skin, and concentrate more efficiently on the "raw" spots and kill them at the source.

Whitening Essence

If the budget is limited, it is recommended to use whitening lotion and whitening essence to achieve the same effect. First, use the cotton pad to dip in the whitening lotion, and strengthen the rubbing and pat in the spot. On the one hand, it can metabolize excess keratin. On the one hand, the stratum corneum can infiltrate the water sufficiently, so that the whitening essence can be better absorbed. When applying the whitening essence, the whole face should be applied to the spots. Then apply the cotton pad dipped in whitening lotion to the spot for 5-10 minutes, and promote the full absorption of the whitening essence. Every day, for about a month, you can obviously see the spots become lighter and smaller.

Superficial light spot

If your spots are superficial spots, such as freckles, liver spots, sunburn, senile spots and pigment precipitation after inflammation, because most of the melanin in these spots is concentrated on the skin epidermis, you can remove the melanin by the metabolism, blocking and reduction of light spot care products. As long as the method is appropriate, it is basically possible to remove small and insignificant spots, Or make the color of the spots lighter and the area smaller.

Select the right maintenance method

Fleck essence should be absorbed by the fingers in the way of spot pat. In addition, whether you only pay attention to whitening and light spot products, ignore adequate sunscreen, and further retreat the two-step maintenance method, of course, will only make your maintenance ineffective.

Careful selection of light spots in laser surgery

There are many kinds of spots. We should be careful to distinguish them. We can't use freckle removal methods indiscriminately. For example, liver spots are not suitable for laser treatment because of their wide range and easy recurrence, so as to avoid the spots getting darker and darker. It is recommended to use light spot maintenance products or light spot ointment to improve them. For traumatic pigmentation after inflammation, laser treatment is not recommended because there are great individual differences. It is recommended to use light spot maintenance products first, and then judge whether laser treatment is necessary after improvement to a certain stage. For melanin spots that have precipitated in dermal tissue, such as zygomatic mother spot and OTA mother spot, it is unlikely to be improved by light spot maintenance products. Xiaobian's recommendation: how to whiten and protect skin with natural methods

Eager for quick success and instant benefit

The wrong way of use may render the skin care products useless. The light spot maintenance products, whether in the form of essence or in the form of a local mask, must be "fully concentrated on the spot and absorbed by the skin" in order to give full play to the effect. If the essence you use is too stretched, the spots can not absorb enough amount of weak spots, or the patch time is not enough, which will also affect the effect.

These skincare remedies hope to have an effect on everyone's whitening spots. Office workers ol don't have to worry that there is no good and effective way to remove spots. Isn't this a good way? have a try!