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Deep and effective whitening method in winter white and tender skin is not a dream

Winter depth effective whitening method, white and tender skin is not a dream! When winter comes, the skin needs to be well maintained to make it white and tender. What is the effective whitening method? The following two whitening methods are recommended. I hope they are effective for you!

All year round, there is an urgent need to restore white skin. The beauty and skin care needs to take different methods with the season. For example, the following measures can be selected for whitening in winter to continuously, deeply and effectively whiten. When the cold winter is coming, walking on the street with bright and white skin will attract the attention of the surrounding people. Don't mention how good the taste is!

1. Seasonal sunscreen

Autumn and winter sunshine contains a large amount of long wave ultraviolet u-va, which is easier to penetrate the skin, stimulate the production of melanin, destroy collagen and elastic fibers, and the skin will unknowingly appear black spots and aging.

Sun protection points: it is best to use sunscreen with antioxidant ingredients, or smear with antioxidant cream before sunscreen, which can better help skin to protect the environment.

2. Strengthen moisturizing and prevent seasonal allergy

The cuticle on the most surface of the skin usually maintains a moisture content of 15% - 20%, and the skin will feel comfortable. Cooling in autumn will shrink skin blood vessels, resulting in reduced secretion of sweat glands and sebaceous glands. When the water content of the stratum corneum is less than 10%, the skin will become rough and lose elasticity, resulting in desquamation.

The main points of moisturizing: streamline the procedures of seasonal beauty to the most 'naive' stage, avoid heavy and heavy smear and increase the burden of sensitive skin. If a bottle of lotion can meet your skin needs, do not add a lot of cream cream before and after. Then, from the facial cleanser to the base makeup, the maintenance products are also changed in season, and gradually replaced with a more moisturizing type.

Have you learned these two whitening methods? Don't worry about tanning your skin. These effective whitening methods will certainly help you grow white and tender skin!