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How does facial skin waxy yellow do? 4 steps to solve the problem of sallow skin

How does facial skin waxy yellow do? 4 steps to solve the problem of sallow skin! The radiation produced by computers is harmful to human body. These radiation may lead to physical fatigue, sallow complexion, etc. four tips are recommended to help you reduce radiation damage and improve the problem of sallow skin!

I often drink red jujube porridge

Jujube has the effect of nourishing blood, moistening face, whitening and beautifying muscles. It is rich in nutrients and a variety of trace elements, so it is called 'natural vitamin'.

White fungus contains bone collagen, which can enhance the elasticity of the skin, enrich the subcutaneous tissue, and make the skin tender and smooth.

Cooking red jujube and fungus into porridge can prevent radiation and eliminate dark yellow.

One yogurt a day

It contains various probiotics, proteins, minerals and vitamins, which can improve the water content of the skin epidermis, achieve long-term whitening effect and give more luster to the skin.

It is rich in vitamin B, which can effectively resist radiation damage. In addition, yogurt can also reduce radiation damage and inhibit the decline of human lymphocyte number after radiation, so as to repair the dark yellow skin caused by computer radiation.

Drink more green tea

Tea contains a variety of vitamins and some trace elements, even more than many fruits. It is good for human health.

Vitamin A in tea is beneficial to restore and prevent vision decline; Vitamin B2 has a protective effect on the eyelids, conjunctiva and cornea of the eyes. Without it, it often causes tears and blurred vision; Vitamin C is an important nutrient in the lens of the eye. When it is insufficient, the lens will be damaged and become turbid; Vitamin D is directly involved in the synthesis of rhodopsin in rod cells of retina to maintain normal vision. Trace element zinc is an essential substance for the operation of vitamin A in the human body.

If vitamin D or zinc is insufficient, it will weaken the dark adaptability and color discrimination ability of the eyes.

Therefore, green tea can not only eliminate the harm of computer radiation. Green tea itself can resist oxidation and remove yellow gas, effectively change the dark yellow skin, and make you beautiful and healthy!

Pay attention to supplementary nutrition

People who work with computers for a long time will slowly consume rhodopsin on their retinas.

At this time, you should eat more carrots, cabbage, bean sprouts, tofu, red dates, oranges, milk, eggs, animal liver, lean meat and other foods to supplement vitamin A and protein.

Especially pay attention to the intake of vegetables and fruits. It is said that it is a 'cleaner' for the human body, which can remove toxins from the body. If there are less toxins in the body, the skin will naturally shine.

How does facial skin waxy yellow do? 4 steps to solve the problem of sallow skin! The harm of radiation to the human body can not be underestimated. There is no need to worry about the waxy skin on the face. Do you remember the four methods to improve the waxy skin and reduce radiation damage?