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Winter skin care whitening steps how to care for the skin can be white and tender

Winter skin care whitening steps, how to care for the skin can be white and tender? It's no longer a luxury to have snow-white and delicate skin all year round. Winter is a good time for whitening. How to care for several of them to make them white and tender? For you to recommend six basic skin care, whitening a winter!

Top1 choose appropriate sunscreen cosmetics. There are a lot of sunscreen cosmetics on the market. Many people find that they still can't restrain the formation of facial spots after using them. Xiaobian reminds you to be vigilant at this time. It's very possible that this cosmetics is not suitable for you or your use method is improper. SPF value indicates the sunscreen effect. The higher the value is, the longer the sunscreen time is. However, the greater the value is, the more sunscreen additives are used, the more oily ingredients are, and the greater the irritation to the skin is. Moreover, some sunscreen additives are photosensitive substances, and improper use will easily cause skin pigmentation. Spf10-20 should be used for sunscreen in winter, twice as much as 15-20 minutes. Spf10-20 lasts about 1-2 hours. If you go out for a long time, you can reuse it according to the situation.

Top2 choose a mild moisturizing cleanser. After entering the autumn and winter season, the climate is generally dry, and the oil secretion of the skin sebaceous layer is decreased. Therefore, we should choose the facial cleanser with mild moisturizing effect. Dry early autumn, must go through deep cleaning, the skin can be white from the inside out. It's best to choose a facial cleanser that contains enzymes. You can't use weak alkaline facial cleanser. This will destroy the weak acid environment of the skin, and skin problems will follow.

Top3 exfoliation is the most important part of skin care. Many mm have not noticed this. Now the air quality in the city is getting worse and worse. Coupled with the irregular living habits of office workers, the speed of skin metabolism slows down. If you do not use the exfoliating products in time, the cuticle of the skin will become thicker, the skin will be dull, which will affect the absorption of skin care products, and the pores will become larger and larger. The product that exfoliates should choose gentle type, cannot use Abrasives grain type to wait for the product that is bigger to the skin, and average 7-10 days exfoliate.

TOP4 whitening toner is a must to use cotton pad. First, it can play a secondary cleaning effect. Second, it can reduce the transfer of melanin and inhibit the growth of melanin. It can also accelerate the speed of skin absorption. It's not enough to take the toner only once. Xiaobian needs to take the toner more than three times each time to replenish the skin with more moisture. The skin will look more transparent and the follow-up care products will be absorbed better.

Top5 insist on using whitening essence. Every smart woman has two bottles of essence on the dresser. A bottle of basic water supplement, and a bottle is the essence of functional essence. It is necessary to adhere to the essence of white skin whitening essence. The essence of the essence is very fine, which can penetrate the skin of the skin and whiten the skin, so that the whitening effect is better. And essence is generally extracted from plants, safe and effective, containing VC, kojic acid, vitamin B3 and so on, safe skin care, suitable for their essence, generally use two months will be able to clearly see the effect.

Top6 double whitening mask. Even if you use a series of whitening and skin care products, whitening mask can not be lost. Before sleeping, the whitening mask can replenish a large amount of whitening active ingredients in a short time, so that you are in the whitening process all night. Areas with light spots can be smeared a little more, gently massage for 1-2 minutes to promote absorption, whitening and light spots at the same time. The general whitening mask can be used 1-2 times a week.

Winter skin care whitening steps, how to care for the skin can be white and tender? women's beauty and skin care teaches you whitening methods and steps to make your skin white and moist all winter!