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What are the ways to replenish water for different skin in winter

What are the ways to replenish water for different skin in winter? In order to do a good job in whitening in cold winter, the key to replenishing water is to develop a moisturizing and whitening scheme suitable for different skin types. What are the moisturizing schemes suitable for different skin in winter? The answer will be announced immediately!

No.1: deep moisturizing and whitening scheme for oily skin

Oily skin appearance of lack of water: oily full face to describe the most appropriate, especially on both sides of the nose, pores are also thicker.

Deep water whitening countermeasures: thorough cleaning and moisturizing for oily skin is the basis of correct maintenance. Choose moisturizing products, it is best to choose products with refreshing texture, no oil and high moisturizing effect. With a strong hydrophilic emulsion, moisturizing gel, spraying mineral water or make-up water, then moisturizing and condensing evenly. The product containing tea tree oil can remove excess oil on the skin surface, so as to achieve the effect of anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and acne treatment.

No.2: deep moisturizing and whitening scheme for mixed skin

Appearance of mixed skin water shortage: both sides of the cheek are dry, and the T area and both sides of the nose are not only oily. The mixed skin condition makes the skin more difficult to care and prone to water shortage and dark yellow.

Deep moisturizing and whitening measures for mixed skin: it is very important to pay attention to the thorough cleaning of the skin. Do not neglect the cleaning work because of the dry cheeks. Only after thorough cleaning can the excessive oil in T area and both sides of the nose be completely washed away. After thorough cleaning, choose the moisturizing product for deep moisturizing. To achieve better results.

No.3: deep moisturizing and whitening scheme for dry skin

Dry skin dry / sensitive skin appearance of lack of water: the skin feels dry and tight, and it is easy to get dandruff, allergy, small red rash and many young fine lines around the eyes.

Deep whitening strategy: after washing your face, you should apply moisturizing lotion containing hyaluronic acid and plant essence, reduce the moisture content of the stratum corneum of the dry skin, and bring about tiny cracks in the skin. Therefore, while replenishing the skin, you should also add oil to the skin and choose the oil-based moisturizing product, that is, the product is highly replenishing but not greasy, so as not to increase the skin fat. Bear.

Winter different skin moisturizing methods, Sihai women's beauty and skin care channel has more moisturizing related articles to teach you what winter moisturizing programs, healthy moisturizing more effective!