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How to moisturize skin in early autumn? How to keep skin dry?

It's the season of changing seasons again. In this season, the skin is easy to dry, so you need to moisturize the skin enough. How to moisturize the skin in early autumn? How to make the skin not dry? Let the skin have enough moisture, so that the skin will not be dry and tight. Today Xiaobian will teach you how to moisturize your skin in early autumn.

Moisturizing Cleanser for Foam Cleanser

There are more oil in summer, so many MM love foam cleanser. Because foaming cleanser will be clean and not oily at all. Now to the early autumn season, skin care should pay special attention to maintenance. Because different seasons skin care methods are different. In early autumn, you can choose a moisturizing facial cleanser, so that after washing the face, the skin will not be tight.

Moisturizing toner helps you replenish water in time

In early autumn, if the facial skin is not well maintained, it will become very dry, so we should often add moisture to the skin to make it moist. At this point, you can choose moisturizing make-up water, you can always make moisturizing mask for your skin, choose some make-up water with high moisturizing ingredients, moisten the cosmetic cotton with make-up water, beat the skin, and moisturize the skin.

Night cream should be moist, day cream should be light and thin

Now it's just autumn, and we should distinguish between day and night in the choice of cream. The day cream used in the daytime should be lighter, because if it is too thick in the daytime, it will be very greasy. Evening cream can be slightly moisturized, so that the skin can be a good repair and maintenance.

Sun protection must be strengthened

Many people think they need sunscreen in summer, but they don't need sunscreen in autumn. In fact, it's not like this. You need sunscreen all year round. No matter what season it is, ultraviolet rays are very strong. Big s white and tender skin is to strengthen sun protection.

OK! So many introductions! All female friends know how to moisturize skin in early autumn. I hope these methods can bring good news to female friends who love beauty. Your support is the driving force of our Sihai health network! For more knowledge about moisturizing, please pay attention to our female beauty channel!