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Teach you moisturizing tips, let you say goodbye to dry oil, show moisture

Beauty tips: women are made of water, which is beyond doubt! But not everyone knows how women can really do it. Now I will tell you six practical suggestions to teach you moisturizing tips, so that you can say goodbye to dry oil and show water moistening. You can also moisturize and move in dry season!


The hair is greasy

You can avoid it by eating less greasy food

Why do you always like oily hair? I wash it very clean! If this is your trouble, please review your eating habits: heavy taste, like barbecue and pickled food, like sweet and greasy cream products & hellip; & hellip; yes, these are the root causes of your greasy hair. From now on, drink more boiled water, eat more fresh green vegetables processed by slow heat. The meat is mainly river fish and chicken. After dinner, drink some warm mint tea, insist on eating two fresh fruits every day, and take a small amount of vitamin E and yeast tablets, which can fundamentally improve the greasy hair root problem. In addition, some contraceptives will affect women's hormonal balance, change oil secretion, should be selected with the doctor's discussion.

2. Withered hair

Moisturize with the essence of hair care.

Many times, the greasy hair and the withered hair are simultaneous. This requires you to take care of your care: disperse the hair that has not been dried after washing, squeeze one or two drops of hair conditioner to the palm of your hand, rub your hands evenly, and then open your hair with your fingers. In the long hair tail can do the key smear, can effectively avoid the hair tip dry and hair disorderly warping. In order to avoid sticky feeling, the dosage must be well controlled. It should not exceed two drops of essence at most. Remember to comb your hair gently with a comb. For dyed hair, try to use special hair care products after dyeing.

3 hair odor

A drop of essential oil on the neckline

Do you want to feel the faint fragrance of hair in his heart like a gentle stream when you brush past him? You just need to drop a drop of your favorite essential oil at the neckline, and the faint fragrance will come out when the hair tip gently touches the collar. In addition, hair is easy to absorb all kinds of peculiar smell, so you need to use hair fragrance products in advance when going in and out of places that may cause hair odor, such as kitchen, hot pot shop and barbecue shop; At the same time, we should also adhere to do a good job in daily hair care, good repair of damaged split hair, so that hair scales remain closed state, naturally less likely to be contaminated with odor.


Dry eyes

Lower the brightness of the display

Facing the computer for a long time will make your eyes dry and tired, and gradually lose the original water moist luster. If the daily use of the eye time can not be reduced, then turn down the brightness of the display, adjust to half of the maximum brightness, so as to see clearly the content, but slightly darker than the surrounding objects. Face the computer continuously for an hour, need to rest 5-10 minutes. In addition, the distance and position between the monitor and the eye also need to be adjusted to a scientific state. The recommended distance is 50-70cm, and the position is slightly lower than the eye horizontal line by 10-20cm. Long time use of the computer, it is best not to wear contact lenses, so as not to aggravate the degree of dryness of the eyes. We should also eat fresh fruits and vegetables rich in vitamin A and C, which can relieve eye fatigue and nourish eyes.

Dry lips

Honey is a natural moisturizer

Lip dry peeling, no matter how beautiful lip makeup is in vain! It should be noted that lip licking can only bring short-term moisture. After saliva evaporation, amylase will stick to the lip, causing contraction of deep connective tissue, and drying will be more serious. Vaseline can provide instant moisturizing effect, but try to keep your lips moist for a long time. Try honey. Honey and skin have excellent affinity, especially for lip care. When lips feel dry, honey can be applied lightly to lips. But don't eat it with greed. Use lipstick with isolation effect is also a good way to keep lips moist. Can also improve the condition of dark lips, so that your lips tender water run to him, want to kiss down!

6 cheek Moisturizing

Once a week, moisturizing mask can be.

Once the skin is short of water, small wrinkles will come out to make trouble, and the whole person looks as if he is 10 years old! Therefore, it is necessary to do a good job in moisturizing the skin, especially when changing seasons. But this does not mean that you need a moisturizing mask every day. Skin care experts tell you that unless you have a significant "show face" activity, you can use a facial mask every day for a week in advance. In daily maintenance, using mask frequently will cause skin dependence and make its moisture retention ability weaker and weaker. So every Monday, the moisturizing mask is enough. You need to put more energy into improving the skin's moisturizing power, drink enough water every day, exercise more, sweat more, eat more fresh fruits, don't wash your face with overheated water & hellip; & hellip; don't underestimate these details, they are helping your skin to store water.

These tricks can moisturize all aspects, let you say goodbye to dry and greasy skin completely, show perfect moisturizing skin!