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Five step moisturizing method makes it easy for you to be a moisturizing beauty

Beauty tips: moisturizing and moisturizing is an eternal topic for girls. When skin becomes dry, the most important and effective way is to strengthen moisturizing. If you practice the following 'morning beauty' suggestions for dry skin, your skin will get a lot wetter!

1: Face washing with towel

The towel here refers to the towel powder puff, silk powder puff and so on. When you feel that the skin is rough and unsmooth, especially when there are white acne blocking pores, gently rub and wash the skin with a towel to remove the soft cuticle on the surface of the skin, and remove the scurf, acne and grease blocking the pores, because these blockages can not be removed only by washing your face with your hand.

2: Moisturizing make-up lotion with strong moisturizing power should be used within 3 minutes after cleansing

Make up water is a moisturizing skin care product used to moisten cutin after cleansing. Choose a simple, moisturizing product is better, the most important thing is to spray immediately after cleaning.

3: lotion, moisturizing oil lock moisture is not scattered, oil supply is indispensable.

Dry skin, often immediately only think of 'rehydration', but not easy to supply the water will slowly evaporate, this is unable to keep the skin moist all day. The lotion and emollient oil can act as a "lock water". At the same time, the skin's own water locking function can also be strengthened to improve the skin's moisture. The morning is the best time to replenish oil.

4: Make up water is used twice to improve the moisturizing effect

Once moisturizing lotion is applied, use skin water again. Because for people with dry skin, a moisturizing care can not give sufficient water supply. In the morning, the first replenishment of water has been completely absorbed by the skin, which has become a hole that can not be covered by makeup. Therefore, it is very effective to separate two moisturizing treatments. You can also use this method repeatedly according to the condition of your skin.

5: Do isolated UV care, apply sunscreen gently

When applying sunscreen, do not use excessive force. Too much force will reduce the efficacy of sunscreen by 25%; It should be noted that the thickness of the application is 1-2ml each time. However, in the process of using sunscreen products, it is usually impossible to achieve such thickness. Therefore, the sunscreen can not produce enough defense capacity. Moreover, after 15-30 minutes of exposure to the sun, the sunscreen must be re applied once, and then it needs to be supplemented every 2-3 hours.