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Whitening and moisturizing are inseparable in summer

In summer, whitening and moisturizing are inseparable. Moisturizing is the work of all seasons. Whitening is the first priority after summer sun exposure. But whitening products often make people worry about whether they will make the skin dry more and more?

Water is the largest component in the body, accounting for about 60% of body weight. Loss of water 10% will threaten life and health, loss of water 20% will cause death. In human skin, water content is about 18% - 20% of its weight.

The key points of skin whitening care for water deficient and oil deficient skin: sunscreen to prevent the increase of the number of spots; appropriate supplement of water and oil to make the skin moist, full and radiant.

The key points of skin whitening and nursing for external oil and internal dry skin: regular exfoliation to increase skin transparency; sun protection, after exfoliation and dead skin removal, the skin is more vulnerable to UV damage; water supplement and oil control to prevent pore coarseness.

It's a truth and a scientific basis to whiten and moisturize skin first. You should know your skin condition through reading above. You should know where to start whitening!