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What causes dry peeling in winter? How to use lotion to inhibit peeling?

What causes dry peeling in winter? How to use lotion to inhibit peeling? Why does the skin become dry and then desquamate in winter? Teach you how to use lotion to inhibit skin dryness and peeling. Come and have a look!

Temperature drop

As the temperature drops, the moisture content of the skin will also decrease. Due to the decrease of temperature, the humidity will also decrease, and the outdoor dry air will take away the moisture in the skin. If you don't lock the moisture in the skin at ordinary times, there will be tension, peeling and even allergy.

Countermeasures: pay attention to humidification. It becomes dry due to cold in autumn and winter. You must drink more water on weekdays. It is also necessary to place humidifiers in bedrooms and offices!

Poor blood circulation

The blocked blood and lymph is the main cause of dry skin. After the body becomes cold, the circulation of blood and lymph becomes blocked. At this time, the metabolism of the whole body becomes chaotic, resulting in the blocked blood rotation. Healthy skin will enter a vicious circle, so the skin will become rough, can not accept external nutrients, and peeling will occur.

Countermeasures: simple massage is recommended, which will improve the blood circulation of the skin! In autumn and winter when blood circulation is bad, simple skin massage will significantly speed up blood circulation!

Poor skin texture

The moisturizing skin texture is triangular. If it becomes dry, the pores will become obvious. Originally, the healthy texture is arranged and arranged, but with the increasing dryness and the passage of water, it becomes shriveled and the skin surface becomes rough, so peeling will occur, and the pores between the texture and the texture will become obvious.

Countermeasures: dry skin needs moisturizing. Don't just clean it! Healthy skin will not peel, and the obvious peeling caused by dryness needs to be resisted by moisturizing!

To resist dry peeling, the use method of make-up water is widely disclosed:

In order to let the lotion penetrate into every corner of the skin, it is necessary to use it three times. After 90 seconds of washing the face, the skin is easy to reach the highest point of dryness, so within 90 seconds of washing the face, you must use makeup water as soon as possible.

1 pour a 50 cent coin sized toner into the palm of your hand and gently spread it from inside to outside to both sides of your cheek with both hands. The strength of your hands should be uniform.

2 then pour a one dollar coin sized toner in the palm of your hand, spread your hands vertically on your face, and tighten your armpits to make your hands naturally vertical.

3 pour a dime coin sized toner in the palm of your hand and rub your palm to make the temperature higher. Although it is a small amount, it can better penetrate the skin.

4 care with warm make-up water. First massage on the cheek for three times, and then apply it on the forehead and chin. The action should be gentle.

5. Make scissors with your fingers and touch gently on both sides of your eyes, because it is easy to dry around your eyes and it is not easy to apply makeup water, so don't forget.

6 finally, check whether it is completely penetrated. Touch your cheek with your hand. If it is soft, it is OK. If it is still dry, please do step 2 to step 4 again.

Has everyone learned the method recommended by Xiaobian? In case of the same problem, don't panic, just handle it carefully!