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What is the quick skin beautifying, moisturizing and hydrating method in the office in cold winter

What is the quick skin beautifying, moisturizing and hydrating method in the office in cold winter? White collar ol does a lot of beauty maintenance every day, which will waste a lot of time. How to quickly and effectively moisturize beauty and skin care? Recommend several methods to everyone, come and have a look!

Water spray to save dry skin

Air conditioning will take away moisture and make the skin dry. It is best to carry a spray bottle with a moisturizing lotion and spray it every two or three hours. As long as a few seconds, the skin condition can be relieved.

Firming eye cream makes your eyes look better

Before applying makeup, choose a lifting and tightening eye cream and apply it to the lower eyelid, which can quickly tighten the eye skin, make up easier and the effect is more prominent. Never apply the upper eyelid, otherwise the eye makeup will be easier to spend.

Accelerating gastrointestinal movement helps the body detoxify

Every morning and before going to bed, take the navel as the center and massage 50 circles with the palm clockwise. The strength can be controlled freely. The most important thing is to adhere to it. 60 seconds a day can effectively improve gastrointestinal discomfort and reduce the probability of constipation.

Improve the absorption rate of maintenance products

Pat your face is the simplest and most economical maintenance. The way is to pat the whole face with the index finger, middle finger and ring finger after wiping the skin care products. The method should be light and fast, not slow and heavy, which can effectively help the skin carry out aerobic exercise, and the absorption of the skin care products will be faster and more effective. When applying eye cream around the eyes, gently press the orbit with the ring finger, which can stimulate the acupoints around the eyes and improve blood circulation.

Use honey to restore the peeled nose

Turn the honey into boiling water, thinner, or maintain a little viscosity state, and then immerse in the mask paper for about 5 minutes, then do the basic maintenance. Nose peeling will have a lot of improvement. People with sensitive skin should remember to do a skin test before using this method, because someone will be allergic to honey.

If white-collar workers don't want to waste a lot of time on skin care and beautification, take a look at the quick skin beautifying, moisturizing and moisturizing method recommended by Xiaobian, which has unexpected results!