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Winter moisturizing tips: how to moisturize skin in winter

Winter moisturizing tips, winter skin how to water lock water more moisture? Winter moisturizing, not only do surface work, so that the skin can store water, lock water and replenish water, in order to achieve the effect of moisturizing skin! For you to send the winter moisturizing coup.

1. Cold boiled water is better than hot boiled water in replenishing water. Drink more every day to keep the water that is easy to metabolize at the best level.

2. Drink a cup of cold boiled water before taking a bath or shower to prevent the heat from evaporating the moisture under the skin.

3. Skin care products contain vitamin ingredients, moisturizing effect will be more obvious. Vitamins A, B1, B2, B6, C, e, F and H are all good.

4. Night is the time to strengthen the skin penetration, sleep enough, sleep well, get up after the skin becomes water Lingling.

5. Fruit can replenish water and vitamins, for the skin deep moisture, of course, can not be omitted. But eating high sugar fruit will consume water, citrus, strawberries, grapes and other less sweet fruits might as well eat more.

6. More than 12 o'clock sleep, skin moisture will be inverted out, so people who always stay up late have the problem of skin relaxation and water shortage.

7. Drink a small glass of red wine before going to bed, accelerate blood circulation, skin absorption of moisturizing products can be significantly increased.

8. Leave the computer for 5 minutes every hour and let the skin rest for a while.

9, 2-3 times a week, moisturizing dry skin, especially in autumn and winter, replenishment mask is indispensable.

10, we should gradually increase the use of moisturizing essence, aromatic essential oil, anti wrinkle cream to fill the winter.

11. Because of young and neglect of maintenance, resulting in water shortage and premature aging. In fact, people start to use baby oil from infancy. They can't do without the care of skin care products all their life. The age of contacting adult skin care products should start from 18 years old.

12. Hyaluronic acid, the safest and most effective moisturizer in skin care products, is not affected by the climate and is determined to replenish water for the skin.

Winter moisturizing tips, winter skin how to water lock water more moisture? women's beauty and skin care more articles on moisturizing skin to help you through the dry winter!