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How to use make-up water to make up for good effect

How to use make-up lotion to make up water? There are good ways to make up water in autumn and winter! Make up water can effectively moisturize your skin in dry autumn and winter, and make your skin not afraid of dryness and more moist from morning to night! Let's take a look at the use of make-up water!

Dry autumn and winter, the skin is extremely in need of moisture. And autumn moisturizing is also one of the topics that mm are most concerned about in autumn. In fact, the use of three-step make-up lotion can replenish water! From getting up in the morning to going to bed at night, the skin is tender and flawless 24 hours a day. From then on, you will not be afraid of dryness!

1. Tap in the morning

In the morning, use make-up water to gently pat the face several times, for improving the effect of edema is quite good, if you can, it is recommended to pat the neck. If the cheeks are dry and hard to make up because of blowing cold air all night long, you can apply the cotton pad with make-up water on the cheeks before making up, which can not only help the skin to achieve moisture before making up, but also make up better.

Usage: use cotton pad or palm to take appropriate amount (1 yuan coin size), gently pat on the whole face.

2. Midday press

Make-up and make-up water after lunch is also a good helper. When makeup is used, the recommended way to use make-up water is to press it. In the easy to remove makeup and glossy T part, first press gently with face paper, then pat or spray it to replenish it, then gently press the whole face, and really add moisture. Then use the pre makeup cream and base makeup.

Usage: After cleansing face with cleansing cream and facial cleanser, apply proper amount of makeup water to the palm, evenly apply the face to the damaged part of the skin and the surrounding part of the eye, and add it appropriately. It is recommended to use with the essence.

3. Wet compress at night

At the end of the day, the skin and mood can be reformed, and the toner can be used again. A piece of cotton pad can be soaked in water, and then the cotton pad can be torn into 4 ~ 6 pieces and applied to the cheek, T-shaped part and chin respectively. Stay for about 3 ~ 5 minutes, then take it off, and gently press the whole face, so that the maintenance ingredients of the lotion can be completely absorbed.

Usage: apply proper amount of make-up lotion on palm of hand and pat evenly on face.

How to use make-up water? It's effective to replenish water in autumn and winter.