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Wax gourd

Wax gourd

Materials: winter melon, Haimi, Shuidian powder, scallion, ginger powder


1. Peel and slice the white gourd, marinate with a little salt for about 5 minutes, drain for standby; soak the sea rice in warm water.

2. Fry the hot oil in the wok, put in the wax gourd slices, and remove when the skin color is slightly green.

3. Leave a little oil in the pot, saute chopped scallion and ginger, add half a bowl of soup (or water)

4. Boil the melon, add salt and sea rice, simmer until the melon is soft, thicken with starch.

Fried wax gourd

Ingredients: 50g wax gourd, 20ml water, 0.25tsp soy sauce, 0.25tsp salt, 2 parsley


1. Slices of winter melon

2. Put onion in the oil with little heat

3. Put the wax gourd slices

4. Stir fry and add some water, about 1 / 4

5. Add soy sauce to your favorite color and a little sugar

6. Stir fry until the wax gourd is transparent, add a little salt, and you may not add the light ones

7. Turn off the heat and mix with chopped vegetables.

Wax gourd duck soup

Ingredients: duck, ginger slice, winter melon, salt, chicken essence


1. Chop the duck into pieces and wash it.

2. Put the duck into the pot, pour in the appropriate amount of water, ginger slices.

3. Stew in the pot, then put in the sliced wax gourd,

4. Simmer for a while, then add salt chicken essence.