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Mushroom slices and green shoots

1. Prepare one lettuce, 100g lean pork and 50g fresh Tricholoma;

2. Peel lettuce and cut into slices, wash and slice pork, clean and slice Tricholoma;

3. Grasps the pork slices with bittern (or yellow rice wine) and starch, drips a few drops of edible oil and mixes them well;

4. Blanch the mushroom slices for use;

5. Use a little edible oil to disperse the meat slices and then put them out for use;

6. Put some cooking oil in the frying pan and heat to 67% heat. Stir fry the lettuce slices for a while, then add the mushroom slices and the meat slices together;

7. Pour in the right amount of rice wine, add the right amount of monosodium glutamate and salt, stir fry well and then out of the pot.

Shredded pork with scallion oil

1. Prepare one lettuce, two shallots and one fourth carrot;

2. Wash lettuce and carrot, cut them into shreds and scallion, cut them into pieces for later use;

3. Put the shredded lettuce into a container and mix with some salt until it is about 10 minutes old. Drain the water;

4. Add carrot and chicken essence to the shredded bamboo shoots and mix well. Put the chopped chives on the shredded bamboo shoots;

5. Heat a little cooking oil to 70-80% heat. Let it dry for a while and pour it on the end of chives. Mix well.

Bamboo shoots in broth

1. When processing lettuce, break the tip off for use, prepare a bowl of high soup and 50g of apricot mushroom;

2. Clean the tip of the bamboo shoot and cut it into four parts with a knife. Tear the apricot mushroom into strips for use;

3. Boil the soup in a soup pot;

4. Boil apricot mushroom in the soup for 5 minutes;

5. Add rice wine, salt, monosodium glutamate and white pepper to season the bamboo shoots and leave the heat.