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Apple global recruits data collector to improve accuracy of map application

In the morning of March 29, Beijing time, according to the verge, an American technology blog, apple recently posted a recruitment notice on its official website to recruit ground data collectors around the world to improve the accuracy of its own map application.

Last fall, apple abandoned Google maps in its new operating system IOS 6 and switched to its own map service. However, after the launch of Apple maps, there have been many mistakes, which have been criticized by users and the media. Apple's attempt to build a mature map service is not a good start. Since then, the company has been improving its own map application and recruiting some professionals to do the work.

According to the latest recruitment notice, Apple will recruit 'ground truth managers' all over the world. The specific responsibilities of this post are: after the release of the new version of Apple map, they will test the code in a specific area, collect the actual data on the ground, analyze the data changes, and ensure that there is no one out of touch with the actual situation. At the same time, they will compare the apple map with the competitors' products.

About a month ago, apple began recruiting such data collectors in Australia, and now it's expanding to the world. This kind of work is quite common in large mapping companies, so Apple's move is not surprising.

Industry insiders believe that if Apple had been equipped with such professionals when it developed IOS 6 maps a year ago, the following series of errors might not have occurred.