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Apple's after-sales service is suspected of discrimination, exposing the change of Apple's iPad warr

Apple's aftermarket is suspected of discrimination in the Chinese market. According to media reports, the AQSIQ made its first statement in response to consumers' complaints about Apple's after-sales service, saying that Apple's after-sales regulations were suspected of violating Chinese regulations. Apple has no new announcement yet.

This is the first time that relevant national departments have expressed their views after the media continuously questioned the problems existing in Apple's after-sales service.

At the same time, our reporter yesterday received information from senior people in the industry that Apple's after-sales service terms for the iPad had been changed 'quietly', from the original one-year warranty for main parts to two years. After the whole iPad was repaired, Apple could only extend its previous remaining warranty period, and now it has changed to recalculate the maintenance period of the iPad. Our reporter called Apple's official after-sales call yesterday. The after-sales staff said that Apple's warranty period for main parts has been two years, but it was not written before.

AQSIQ: Apple suspected of violating Chinese laws and regulations

According to media reports, in response to consumer complaints, a single repair of Apple's mobile phone keys does not belong to the scope of warranty, and Apple's mobile phone repairer will charge 260 yuan. The AQSIQ said that if the mobile phone is within the three guarantee validity period, Apple's practice violates Article 10 of China's regulations on the responsibility for return of mobile phone products after repair and replacement. In case of quality problems within the validity period of Three Guarantees, the repairer shall repair them free of charge.

As for consumer complaints, apple mobile phone repairers' delay in repairing for a long time during the warranty period, and do not provide spare phones'. The AQSIQ said that this violated the relevant provisions of Articles 15, 16 and 17 of China's regulations on the responsibility for the repair, replacement and return of mobile phone products. According to the specific maintenance time, consumers can put forward the legal requirements of "if it can't be repaired within 7 days, the repairer will provide the spare machine free of charge", "if it hasn't been repaired for more than 60 days from the date of sending it for repair, or if the repair time exceeds 30 days, the seller will replace the mobile phone of the same model and specification free of charge".

As for "Apple service provider told MacBook Air laptop motherboard that it is only guaranteed for one year", relevant people from AQSIQ said that according to China's "Regulations on responsibility for return of microcomputer products after repair and replacement" and "catalogue of microcomputer products with Three Guarantees", the motherboard of the host belongs to the main part, and its three guarantees are valid for at least two years.

Industry disclosure: Apple iPad warranty service changes

And our reporter yesterday received a senior person in the industry disclosed that Apple's iPad warranty service content has changed in recent days. According to the disclosure at the CCTV 3 & middot; 15 party, Apple's iPad after-sales maintenance terms stipulate that the iPad is guaranteed for one year, and the main parts including motherboard and driver are also guaranteed for one year, but according to the domestic policy, these main parts are guaranteed for two years. At the same time, after the previous iPad repair, apple can only extend its previous remaining warranty period.

According to the source yesterday, the above-mentioned two iPad after-sales services in some cities in China have changed. The warranty period of main components, including motherboard and driver, has changed from one year to two years. Moreover, after the whole machine is repaired, the maintenance period of the iPad will be recalculated instead of extending the previous remaining warranty period. Our reporter called Apple's official 400 after-sales call yesterday. A service personnel said that Apple has given the iPad a one-year warranty, while the main parts have been given a two-year warranty. Our reporter took CCTV 3 & middot as an example; The content of the 15th Party questioned that the main parts had been guaranteed for one year before, but the service staff said that Apple had been guaranteeing the main parts for two years, but it just didn't write it down.

After sales in Guangzhou has not changed

Since then, our reporter called several Apple authorized service providers in Guangzhou. Some after-sales service providers said that the whole iPad is guaranteed for one year, while the main board and other main parts are still guaranteed for one year. They didn't hear that it can be guaranteed for two years. Some apple after-sales service providers were very cautious and said that they wanted users to take the machine to the scene and read it before saying. As for the whole machine after maintenance, Apple could only extend its previous remaining warranty period, and several companies said that the decision could only be made after the user took the machine and tested it face to face.

Our reporter called Apple's official 400 after-sales service again, and a after-sales service personnel said that at present, the previous Apple after-sales service terms in Guangdong still remain unchanged. Our reporter yesterday logged into Apple's official website and did not see any notice about the change of iPad after-sales service content.