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Google technology will be destroyed forever, and shoes that can talk will come out soon

In the morning of March 11, Beijing time, Google presented a "talking shoe" at the Sxsw interactive conference in the United States, which is the second wearable device released by the company after the smart glasses Google glass. Although Google glass is still being tested, it is clear that Google has not slowed down its exploration in the field of wearable devices. According to reports, the Google shoes will not remind the wearer to avoid the danger of the roadside, but can be

The motion data is converted into interesting voice messages to inform users and their friends. For example, when playing basketball, shoes say: 'call 911 because you're so hot. 'in addition, according to Google's demo video, such voice messages will also appear on users' Google + pages.

At present, more and more companies are trying to use small wearable digital products to improve people's lives, especially in healthy diet and physical exercise. For example, it is rumored that Apple's smart watch will become a fitness tool in the future. Google's talking shoes will undoubtedly bring people a healthier lifestyle. However, this is only a concept product developed by Google arts copy code project, which aims to improve interactive advertising. Users can't book such talking shoes at present.