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It's urgent to eliminate the dust haze. Successful flight test of flexible wing UAV to eliminate the

With the whistle blowing, a nose of the earth is coming into the nose. Yesterday, Beijing, Henan and other places appeared strong dust weather. The PM10 data monitored by Beijing environmental protection monitoring center has already 'exploded'. People can feel the smell of dust in their mouth when they travel for a few minutes. hot wire:

China has successfully developed a flexible wing UAV capable of eliminating haze

Ma Yongsheng, chairman of AVIC Aerospace Corporation, revealed in Beijing on the 8th that in order to effectively contain and eliminate the harm brought by haze, AVIC Aerospace Corporation, a subsidiary of AVIC group, has developed a flexible wing UAV that can eliminate haze. The UAV successfully flew in Xiangbei test base on February 26.

Ma Yongsheng described that in the test, the flexible wing UAV took off by car towing and controlled flight by manual remote control, flying flexibly and landing smoothly, which proved the good maneuverability of the UAV, and also proved the successful flight test of the new type of weather modification operation platform defogging system.

Ma Yongsheng introduced that the flexible wing UAV has two functions of eliminating cold fog and warm fog. By installing hygroscopic plasmids such as salt and urea in the cabin of flexible wing UAV, flying to the designated fog area and seeding hygroscopic plasmids such as salt and urea as catalysts, the product produces a large number of condensation nodules. Water vapor condenses on the condensation nucleus and grows into large water droplets, which will evaporate and condense on the large water droplets, making the warm fog disappear; At the same time, it can also spread dry ice, liquefied propane and other catalysts into the fog to produce a large number of ice crystals, which capture the water of the original droplets through the Bergeron ice water conversion process. The droplets evaporate and the ice crystals continue to grow and fall to the ground, making the cold fog disappear.

Ma Yongsheng pointed out that the flexible wing UAV has many innovations and breakthroughs in the design of new powered parachute, autonomous navigation flight control and launch technology. Its flight altitude has reached 5000 meters, and it has the advantages of long cruise time, wide range, small volume, light weight, convenient use and so on. At present, there is no similar product in China.

In case of dust and haze weather, we need to pay attention to the realization and tips:

The spring dust is big. warmly reminds you that when you encounter dust weather, you should close the doors and windows in time.

When going out, you should wear a mask and cover your head with a gauze towel to avoid damage to your eyes and respiratory tract caused by dust.

Both motor vehicles and non motor vehicles should slow down, pay close attention to road conditions and drive cautiously. In case of strong dust explosion, it is better not to go out for the time being.