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Fight back against the theory of "360 black box"

Since the rise of 360 search engine, many personal attacks on 360, many of us are using 360 software, which has caused a lot of panic. Today, 360 company is fighting back to the daily economic news

Beijing, February 26 (Xinhua) the daily economic news said today that 360's success does not lie in 'disruptive innovation', but in 'innovative destruction': through destruction, it breaks existing rules and gains market and benefits. It also said that 360 has implanted illegal programs into products such as' 360 security guard 'and' 360 security browser 'to steal users' privacy and crack down on competitors.

In this regard, 360 company sent a statement to it channel of China news. It said that the daily economic news, without interviewing 360 company, defamed the safety of 360's many products by anonymous reporters quoting anonymous people and 360 competitors. This false news seriously damaged the goodwill of 360 company and 360 products. Qihoo 360 decided to sue the daily economic news and firmly investigate the legal responsibility of the false reporters.

The full text of 360 statement is as follows:

1. This false report is a serious violation of journalistic ethics and professional ethics of media work. It gives 360 the charge of "nonessential". It replaces facts with metaphor and delusion. It uses anonymous reporters to quote anonymous people and competitors. It sums up all kinds of rumors attacking 360 over the years and exaggerates them. In nearly four full pages, the report not only did not carry out any authoritative technical argumentation, but also ignored 360's previous clarification and explanation on relevant issues, and even did not conduct any interview and verification with 360 company. The untrue statements quoted throughout the report have seriously defamed 360's goodwill.

2. As an Internet security company, 360 company has passed the evaluation of China Information Security Evaluation Center and obtained the national information security evaluation Certificate (security engineering class I). At the same time, 360's client products have also passed the national information security product classification evaluation, and have been awarded the national information technology product security evaluation certificate. 360's full line of products are also in line with the Internet terminal software service industry standards formulated by the Ministry of public security, the Ministry of industry and information technology and other state organs, as well as various standards of network security software at home and abroad. 360 products are safe and reliable.

It is driven by the concept of "free security" advocated by 360 that Chinese netizens are basically protected. The popularity rate of security software has increased from 10% to more than 95% now. 360's "free security" saves 40 billion to 80 billion yuan of security software expenses for Chinese Internet users every year, and comprehensively promotes the overall improvement of China's Internet security level.

3. In the past seven years, 360 has been at the center of public opinion in the Internet industry, and there is no lack of doubt. The fundamental reason is that 360's free security mode has broken the original industrial pattern. The rapid development of 360 has touched and cracked down on four interest groups in the Internet industry, such as' rogue software ',' Trojan virus hackers', 'traditional anti-virus software' and 'monopoly giant represented by search', and triggered four interest groups to jointly contain and discredit 360.

It should be said that all kinds of defamation and defamation of 360 not only have a great impact on the normal operation of 360 company, but also trample and hurt the development of China's Internet Security Industry and the public rights of Internet users.

4. We firmly believe that the competitors are the 'grindstones' of 360 development, and 360 products can stand the test of the market and history. Every time the competitors discredit and question, it is also an opportunity for 360 to introduce and promote 360 products to users.

At the same time, we will resolutely fight back against the establishment, processing and dissemination of rumors smearing 360 company. 360 company will not tolerate, and will investigate the responsibility of the media behind the false reports of the black public relations according to the law.

Voice of netizens:

360 black box # I still don't believe in 360. I still believe in 360. After all, it's Tencent that has been making malicious hype for so many years! @ 360 security guard I use 360 when my computer doesn't even access the Internet!