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NASA: 2013 solar storm may be catastrophic [Video]

NASA recently announced that a huge sunspot has been observed, which may cause a large-scale solar flare outbreak and have an impact on the earth in the future.

Large sunspots about six times the diameter of the earth

NASA staff said that the organization witnessed the birth of a large sunspot about six times the diameter of the earth from February 19 to 20. This huge sunspot has evolved into an extremely unstable structure, which may cause large-scale solar flares in the future. At that time, communication on the earth will be disturbed.

Meanwhile, NASA issued a warning earlier this week that there will be a super strong solar storm this year.

It is understood that the last solar maximum occurred in 2000. In 2006, NASA initially thought that 2010 or 2011 would once again enter the maximum period, and that this would be the strongest since 1958. However, the latest speculation suggests that a maximum period of solar activity should come in the autumn of 2013, which will be the smallest sunspot cycle since 1906.