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Google glasses is expected to go on sale by the end of the year. The price of Google glasses is 1500

According to CNET, a US technology website, the legendary Google glasses can be purchased by ordinary people and consumers before the end of 2013. The price of each pair of Google glasses is 1500 US dollars, about 12000 yuan.

When it announced the launch of the Google glasses project last year, Google planned to sell Google glasses to ordinary consumers in 2014. However, in recent months, the development of Google glasses is accelerating. Google announced this week that people who want to try the innovative application of Google glasses can submit an application to book the product for $1500.

Google also launched a new website to introduce the functions of Google glasses with some videos. Recently, there are rumors that Google plans to open retail stores to help consumers better understand products similar to Google glasses.

CNET has previously confirmed that Google glasses will be able to connect Android phones and iPhones through Bluetooth. This product can get data through WiFi and mobile network of mobile phone, but it will not support mobile network.

Joshua topolsky, editor in chief of the verge, a US technology blog, recently tried Google glasses and said that the experience of Google glasses is basically consistent with what Google described in its promotional videos. However, the voice control function of Google glasses is not perfect, and the slow data connection will weaken the usability of Google glasses.

Initially, Google said it plans to release monthly updates to early users to improve the Google glasses experience.

The effect of the sample taken with project glass is comparable to that of a card camera.

Tulun took this picture while playing with his son. He grabbed his son's hands and rotated them in place. At the same time, he photographed his son's expression with project glass. The photo then went viral on Google +, and was even forwarded by Google co-founder Sergey Brin, calling it a 'great snapshot'. The photo also attracted 500 comments, almost one-sided praise, and about 1800 people clicked on the '+ 1' button next to the photo.

Google + image information shows that the resolution of this photo is 2048 & times; 1536, which means that the pixels of Google glasses camera are about 3.2 million pixels. Although the picture quality of this photo is flat and can be further improved by better cameras, it highlights the application prospect of project glass in photography and conveys a real first person photography experience.

Of course, the function of project glass is not limited to taking photos, but also convenient for users to communicate with friends and obtain Internet information.