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Funnel shaped iPhone 5 earphone made by Foxconn factory in Vietnam

IPhone 5 headset side

It is reported on the morning of September 2, Beijing time that Apple will hold a press conference on the 12th of this month. It is generally expected that Apple will release the next generation iPhone. Tinhte, a Vietnamese website, released a video this week showing changes to the original headset design for the next generation iPhone.

Apple's current original headset, which uses a remote control and microphone, was launched in 2008, while the design of the headset itself dates back to 2006. But with the release of Apple's next-generation iPhone, the design of the headset is likely to change dramatically.

Tinhte said the headset was made at the Foxconn factory in Vietnam, while the headset cable said 'designed by apple, California. Assembled in Vietnam. 'is the word. The funnel-shaped mold design of this earphone is very novel, and the earphone speaker is almost invisible. According to tinhte, it's like 'a single unit of integration'. And even though the headphones seem to be made in Apple's one-piece process, you can still see the seams on a closer look.

It's worth noting that remote control is not available on the headset cable, which is essential for the iPhone headset. This design also makes it easy for other headphone manufacturers to copy, but quality will be an advantage of Apple's original headphones. The truth of the news