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Chinese Valentine's Day is coming. Beautiful match will make you spend romantic Valentine's Day!

Fashion reminder: summer is half past now. It will be Valentine's day in a few days. Do you want to date your beloved one? But what do you want to wear?

Lady of temperament

Representative colors: white, lavender, pink, etc

Suitable for the age group, care about 20 to 30 or above, a white dress as sacred as a goddess deeply touched his heart, no color is more pure than white, but women with unique temperament can attract his attention. May as well in this beautiful Chinese Valentine's day, choose your own romantic dress to spend with him.

Matching scheme 1:

1: White V-Neck dress 2425cny 2: Wooden red soled high-heeled sandals 3515cny 3: white buckle bag 1600cny 4: earrings 95cny

Matching scheme 2:

1: Lavender Ruffle Sling Dress 2575cny 2: gold bow high-heeled shoes 315cny 3: carved independent pattern club 1485cny 4: carousel Necklace 230cny

Matching scheme 1:

1: Bow ruffled lotus leaf dress 4195cny 2: fish mouth high heels 1005cny 3: luxury pleated cluch 565cny 4: NARS high gloss brightener 150cny

Matching scheme 2:

1: broken flower sleeveless dress 6510CNY 2: purplish red T type high heel shoes 6610CNY 3: Blue crocodile tattoo handbag 495CNY 4: metal irregular Bracelet 1575CNY 5:Nars red lipstick 180CNY

Elegant mature school

Representative colors: red, purple, black, etc

It is suitable for mature women aged 30-40 years old. Elegance is our pronoun. It is not allowed to be picky at all. An elegant dress with slanted shoulders highlights a bit of sexiness. The flaming red lips make-up is gorgeous. You can enjoy the company of Valentine and wine.

Matching scheme 1:

1: Deep purple Printed Dress 1680cny 2: irregular shoulder pad suit new product pending 3: flower pattern fish mouth high heels 355cny 4: tassel black dinner bag Alexander McQueen 9640cny 5: ring 215cny 6: necklace 4770cny