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Fashion accessories in summer

Recently, song Huiqiao, the spokesperson of a clothing brand in South Korea, shot a group of photos of the new summer clothes in 2009. Song Huiqiao has a sweet temperament and is naturally beautiful in those colorful clothes. What we have to say here is that song Huiqiao's accessories are very unique and eye-catching. Butterfly long chain, wide bracelet, big earrings, candy color necklace, chic brooch, different clothes with different styles of accessories, want to fashion you quickly learn from Song Huiqiao!

This blue dot skirt makes women look calm and elegant. The designer puts on the beautiful accessories such as light blue and white butterfly chain, white earrings and green bracelet for song Huiqiao, which makes women's delicate taste appear immediately.

This semi perspective dark blue dress has a little white on it. It is definitely a woman with mature charm. The red retro brooch is low-key and gorgeous, and looks like it is integrated with the clothes. Without this brooch, the clothes will be dull and dull.

This set of plaid skirt, denim vest is a bit British style, a bit academic, but the lining of the white T-shirt is not so simple, a big red bright to drop the color of cool vest and plaid skirt, sultry women are so lovely! Look at the accessories, the same red leather bracelet with glossy texture, retro chest card, it is suitable to decorate denim vest.

This floral dress is very suitable for song Huiqiao's fresh and sweet image, but if there is no flower brooch embellishment, it is difficult to have the feeling of youth and liveliness. The most important thing is, of course, song Huiqiao's big earrings full of small fruits, which are very beautiful and unique. With song Huiqiao's sweet lip makeup, the whole picture is sweet and moving.

This kind of suit coat is capable and steady, but the lining skirt is very feminine. The designer selected the accessories of pink long chain for song Huiqiao to echo the little woman flavor of the skirt, and the simple Earrings echo the mature style of the suit coat. The strong women may as well dress like this.

Song Huiqiao uses retro metal earrings and necklaces to match this dark purple blouse. Ladies with connotation can choose to dress like this.

Big flower retro ring, retro style earrings, black flower necklace, song Huiqiao's Retro 'big' accessories will only have black and white ol suit set up very strong temperament, confident women will dress like this.

Candy color storm hit, dress is very sweet, song Huiqiao with yellow big flower ring, multicolored color treasure necklace, Black Bracelet these accessories to embellish, become a lovely creature, love beauty you might as well try!