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How to match yourself with street people

When you walk on the street, there will be Chaozhou people, big black super, cold expression, cool shape, with a kind of cold temperament that repels people thousands of miles away. When you do everything, it emits a suffocating strong atmosphere. Fashion breath hovers in your mind for a long time

It's a very beautiful and fashionable dress. The cardigan made of chiffon material is soft and elegant, showing a lot of temperament. Inside, the black tight bottomed shirt echoes with the color of the lower body's floating pants. The black yarn will show the slender legs, full of lethal charm.

Low profile neutral grey, with military version of retro style, curved neckline, cuffs slit design, as well as women's rare double open bag, quite a different feeling, the best is the feet of the red wedge heel open shoes, warm pure red, amazing.

Candy color is very popular, from clothing to accessories, you can see it everywhere. The biggest highlight of this dress is the bright orange straight pants on the lower body, which is gorgeous and dazzling. With the black coat, the color is outstanding. It is cool and dazzling. The transparent handbag is also very eye-catching.