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How to match cotton padded clothes with tights in early spring to keep warm and fashionable

How to match cotton padded clothes with tights in early spring to keep warm and fashionable? It's still cold in early spring. Warm and fashionable cotton clothes with bottoming library tights are thin and fashionable, versatile and stylish! See how this year's popular cotton padded clothes can be skillfully worn with tight pants.

Simple and loose light green work clothes and cotton padded jacket are very handsome. They wear a simple sweater inside and red tight pants under them. They are very charming with short boots.

It is also a very popular military green work clothes style coat, exquisite and stylish small high collar, showing a capable texture. It's beautiful to wear a gray sweater, black leggings and lace up boots.

Fresh and eye-catching green bright face short cotton padded clothes are very suitable for this season in spring. Simple, casual and versatile short style, with striped bottomed shirt inside, and simple gray tights and short boots under, you can wear a good figure.

The long black cotton coat, with a slightly waisted style, is very thin. It is worn with a loose striped sweater, tight pants and high-heeled short boots.

Light green cotton coat, loose medium and long version, large lapel with radian feeling, using fur elements, and leopard pattern is more sexy. Pair it with jeans with small feet, which is simple and fashionable.

The fresh and fashionable light green cotton padded jacket has a youthful sense of vitality. The drawstring design highlights the perfect waist and makes it thinner. It is built with a long sweater and black leggings and sneakers, showing a sense of leisure and fashion.

Cotton padded clothes are still necessary this spring. You might as well wear a versatile cotton padded clothes with fashionable skinny tights to be a fashionable woman!