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Lichun sweater becomes a must-have item. Sweater thin matching method

Lichun sweater becomes a must-have item, and the sweater is thin! After the beginning of spring, spring clothes are popular, and spring popular clothes have long been known. Sweater is definitely a must-have item in spring. Loose version and small fresh style sweater are still popular. Share some sweet collocations of sweaters.

Large lapel sweater coat

The retro big Lapel + candy color makes the sweater fashionable. This kind of sweater coat is also an essential part of spring clothes. It is fresh, elegant and sweet. It's good with jeans and high heels.

Striped sweater cardigan + tights

Striped sweaters can also bring fresh naval style in spring. It feels good to match with white canvas shoes. Wear a white bottomed T-shirt inside and black tights below. Black and white is classic.

Dress + white sweater

The white sweater has a strong sense of design with small forks on both sides. The loose version is built with a gray tweed dress inside, long inside and short outside. It shows a perfect figure with black pantyhose and high heels.

Lace stitched sweater + jeans

The sweater with stitched material is loved by many stars because of its unique style. The simple and atmospheric style shows the casual and elegant charm on the body. Lace stitched hem adds sweetness and beauty. Pair it with slim jeans and high heels to show your tall figure.

White shirt + red sweater

The folding of shirt + sweater gives people a very gentle and intellectual feeling. It shows more temperament with trouser skirt and Lingge bag. In spring, the vintage round neck sweater is matched with the shirt, revealing the small collar, which is particularly cute.

Doll neck sweater + Lace Skirt

The lovely pink doll neck sweater sets off a good look. It is sweeter and cute with high waist lace skirt. The design of two patch pockets is playful, sweet and girly.

Sweater, are you ready this spring? It's a must-have spring dress in spring. It's a versatile sweater with fresh style. Do you want to try it?