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Who is the most natural and unrestrained star in leather clothes

Who is the most natural and unrestrained when stars wear leather clothes? Autumn and winter Star leather clothes! Autumn and winter female stars will wear leather clothes to keep warm, but their styles are different! Leather is a must-have item in autumn and winter, but how can a leather wear a variety of styles? Sihai Xiaobian will watch how various female stars play with leather clothes.

Shana fully demonstrated us a leather suit with all kinds of styles. The same leather suit can be matched in a different way. It looks similar, but it has another style. Leather + blue base coat + Harlem pants with snowflake pattern.

Gao Yuanyuan's collocation is very personalized. The motorcycle leather clothes are matched with the hollow out skirt, and the classic black shoes on the feet are very personalized.

Recently, Li Duohai's autumn photo shows his cool charm. In the photo, jieduohai is wearing a red leather coat and motorcycle boots, full of personality charm.

Liu Yifei's motorcycle suit matches Xiang Yu's and Feng Shaofeng's. Her standard motorcycle leather suit, leather long T-shirt, white jeans and these motorcycle shoes make her cool. And dawn is still handsome.

Yin en Hui's green wallet with floral dress, fish mouth single shoes, is another style, another cool.

Li Duohai's black leather clothes and black jeans are really cool. Light rock style, a little punk, very atmospheric fashion.

Ye Tong also wore leather clothes for the event. Leather + black skirt + black stockings + black single shoes, in addition to the black stockings look like legs, the upper body is a good demonstration.

Jinhuna color matching leather dress is very stylish. The lower body is also matched with a short leather skirt, a white shirt, medium and long black stockings, and a pair of black single shoes. It has many layers and is very stylish.

'vampire queen' plays with an alternative red leather suit, which is very eye-catching. Motorcycle leather + red skirt + black boots.

Emma's red and Black Plaid puffy skirt with a motorcycle leather coat, playing with the British style of rock and roll. With a sweet and playful feeling, very sweet and charming.

Stars wearing leather clothes can also wear different styles. Autumn and winter Star leather clothes are collected and recommended to you. Have you learned how to match leather clothes with stars? women's clothing continues to offer articles on Star dressing. Do you want to be as fashionable and fashionable as stars?