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Sui Tang lost the 46th Taiwan Golden Bell Award

The 46th Taiwan Golden Bell Award for red carpet actress sexy PK in 2011, Sui Tang almost lost after Tianxin won the show! There are many categories of female stars in Taiwan's entertainment circle, such as "otaku goddess", "pretty student sister" and "pure young model". The female stars of this Golden Bell award also made every effort to show their most beautiful side. It can be said that each of the eight immortals has his own magic power, which also truly demonstrates the openness and inclusiveness of Taiwan's entertainment industry.

Sonia Sui had a high hairstyle, a strong eye line, and a fierce look in the eye. But deep V and open to the thigh of the skirt showed Sui Tang proud good figure, put down the skirt show long legs, almost gone! Sui Tang, who has successfully transferred from a famous model to the television industry, plays the role of Xie anzhen, the eldest wife in sharp wife, and becomes the most popular candidate for the film queen this time. It's a pity that he failed in the end.

As for Tianxin, who is regarded as Sui Tang's strongest rival for the title of Queen of the film, it's the final step to win the best actress. Tianxin has changed her sexy style in the past, only showing her back compared with the previous one. Pleated collar, deep V-neck, that's all.

This year, Tao Jingying, who is the only host of Daliang, appeared in a golden dress, which shows the more mature charm of the beautiful sister Tao Zi. Still have the hot style of spicy mom!

The pattern of Chen Yirong's dress is a bit retro, but the design of the skirt betrays the style of the dress. The upper part of the body is the design pattern of the medieval corset, and the lower part of the body is somewhat like a cloth robe. Black and gray with more retro flavor!

An Xinya, the goddess of otaku, appeared on the avenue of stars tonight with the host group of the variety show "the biggest party of the whole people". Anxinya, who always appears in sexy fashion at every award ceremony, is not sparing to show off her good figure tonight. In addition to stepping on 20cm high heels and wearing high-grade jewelry worth 5 million yuan, she has a deep V behind her back to show off her good figure. Anxin Ya's nude dress is full of cute taste. Although she is naked to the waist, she is still sweet and lovely. The pose is pretty.

Lai Yayan, who is also nominated for best actress, is also sexy this time. She is wearing a long black dress with a low breast and floor length. Her special waist design shows her perfect figure!

At first glance, Xie Yifen's exotic skirt and her middle haircut look like an Indian actress coming to the ceremony, but not like a Chinese American in Taiwan. The white gauze skirt has a beautiful back and is extremely sexy. Her dark skin and strong arms give people a healthy feeling, which is quite like a yoga teacher.

Ella, who has always been careless, has taken a sexy route this time, wearing a Purple Bra and backless dress, and her sexy index has been upgraded!

This low cut dress with bra sling is very bright, light yellow color collocation is very elegant, multi-layer pleated skirt edge shows more lady temperament!

Red carpet host yang Qianpei chose the dress of grey and bright color. The design of this dress's short pompous skirt and oblique shoulder insertion makes the style more playful. The necklace has small tassels falling on half of the shoulder, which is quite harmonious with the skirt. Today, Sihai Xiaobian's introduction of "2011 Golden Bell Award red carpet actress dress up" is here. Friends who like fashion and all kinds of collocation, take action quickly, match good-looking clothes for themselves, and make themselves fashion. More about the wonderful content of Star Dress, Sihai clothing will continue to launch for you, please continue to pay attention!