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"Symphony of fate" national day strong attack, Feng Mi love upgrade, Yang Mi how to match xiannen?

"Symphony of fate" national day strong attack, Feng Mi love upgrade! See through the back of Yang Mi, Feng Shaofeng how to interpret the love of life and death. The Youth Drama "Symphony of fate", starring popular little girl, will be on the screen for the first time during the national day. Yang Mi's various styles and clothing collocation, let everyone a feast for the eyes, first look. In the play, Yang Mi plays a lovely and beautiful college student. Let's take a look at how Yang Mi, who has been out of the campus for a long time, disguises herself as a student.

Cut out knitwear + floral skirt

White hollow out long knitwear + floral suspender knee length dress, beautiful pure, very fairy oh. This style is sweet and beautiful, with a little lovely pure temperament, very atmospheric fashion.

Bat Sleeve Chiffon shirt + High Waist Shorts

Bat sleeve layered chiffon shirt + Khaki high waist hot pants, the proportion of the whole body will be elongated, showing slim straight legs.

Sweater cardigan + floral skirt

Get up in the morning and rush to the classroom with books. In order not to be late, you can go out with a sweater, a cardigan, a warm silk sock and a pair of flat shoes. Fresh and beautiful image stands out, very quiet and elegant.

Black suit + T-shirt + trousers

In the morning, wearing a small black suit, Yang Mi is facing the rising sun and breathing in the fresh air. It's really refreshing.

Cut out knitwear + drawstring Bohemian skirt

Cut out long knitwear with drawstring Bohemian skirt, pure and gentle. Sweet and lovely, fresh atmosphere, very quiet and elegant.

Khaki suit + T-shirt + jeans

Khaki small suit with a fashion bag, this can be regarded as a more fashionable dress for female college students. Very elegant and fashionable. Will be a sweet and lovely image of the perfect show, but also with a little intellectual feeling.

T-shirt + pleated skirt + flat shoes

Round neck long sleeve autumn and winter T-shirt + round neck pleated skirt + nude flat shoes, sweet lady style. With a belt, it highlights the slim posture.

White suit + T-shirt + peach hip skirt + white Leggings

White suit + grey T-shirt + peach hip skirt + white pants of the same color, capable and fashionable. This style is very popular in autumn.

Long knitwear + Vest + jeans

This kind of collocation is very suitable for autumn, simple atmosphere, do not need too much decoration, can wear a sense of fashion.

Chiffon suspender skirt

Chiffon white long suspender skirt is beautiful and romantic. Will be elegant and pure temperament to show, very quiet atmosphere, a little girl next door feeling.